Connie’s magical brushes

Connie’s magical brushes

MATSIENG-THE lockdowns may have kept many people indoors, but that’s no reason to throw beauty out of the window.
And makeup artist Mamokone ‘Connie’ Liphoto of Matsieng Harambele is on hand to ensure people are keeping up appearances as far as beauty is concerned even if it means consulting via the telephone.

With the pandemic wreaking havoc on her fledgling business, Connie has taken to social media and the telephone to keep in touch with clients in need of her services.
“Nowadays, everything is all about technology. It is easing the way I do business in the Covid-19 times,” said the 23-year old.
A former make-up artist at LTV’s Urban Jamz, Connie started her beauty and fashion business in 2018. She officially registered it in 2020, the year when Covid-19 hit and life under lockdowns ensued.

Business tumbled, and Connie wondered how she would survive.
“Both lockdowns and Covid-19 badly affected my business. Clients had to cancel their appointments, those who hired wedding dresses also cancelled. I had to stop doing fashion shows or even travel abroad for events. It hit me hard financially,” she told thepost.
She specialises in fashion designing, makeup “both effects and beauty”, nails, knitting and crocheting, fashion styling and hairstyling.

“I wanted to make fashion alive in Lesotho – not just sewing or face beat but bringing the uniqueness that’s in it,” she said, explaining why she chose the industry.
During normal times, she also does make up for special occasions such as beauty pageants and fashion shows.
During her time at LTV Urban Jamz as a makeup artist, Connie was featured on different TV series, movies and action films such as Expose (2020), Mosikong (2019) and ’Malonya.

In October 2019, she showcased at Royalty Fashion Experience and in December last year she joined the Lesotho fashion week.
“I was one of the winners,” said the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology alumni BA (Hons) in fashion design and retailing.
She named her brand Cograbig, a mash up of her name and those of her two daughters Grace and Abigail and her business targets both males and females. She says she studied different kinds of faces, skin types and how each of them should be treated or prepared before applying makeup.

She said she prepares the skin so that “makeup stays well and lasts longer”.
“I also use so many different things depending on the skin I would be working on.”
She says she currently works alone and she has another makeup artist for backup “in case of emergencies”.
So far, she says she has never had unhappy clients. She says her favourite makeup look is that of Nigerians and James Charles.

“I love the Nigerian style of makeup because they are very creative and Charles goes all over, he doesn’t stick to one thing”.
Connie is constantly researching to stay abreast with the latest beauty trends.
“I am always aware of trending looks and all,” she said, noting how some artists end up messing their clients’ faces due to failure to mix colours properly.

The effect of complementary colours, especially when applying eyeshadows, is very crucial, she said.
“Badly mixing the colours will make the eyeshadows look bad; they will be hideous and too much and will not blend well so it is vital to know the colours because once that goes wrong then the entire look is destroyed,” she said.

She says being a makeup artist fascinates her. “I love it so much because every day it challenges me and it feels new every time.”
Connie says she finds summer and spring makeup trends “very interesting”. She says competition in the industry is cutthroat but “my clients still approach me and I believe it’s because they have seen my work and loved it. I believe my love for my work makes me unique and trying new things – I love exploring”

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