The rap king in Roma

The rap king in Roma


Rebonejoang Leoma



HIS single, ‘Oaetsebadaeden,’ has dominated radio waves in Lesotho and South Africa.

Plus, he has also landed a role in an African soapie— Our Times.

Topping the charts for Dancers and Rappers-Turned-Actors in Lesotho, MotsekiHlobotsi, also known as MobStar, a second year student at the National University of Lesotho (NUL) in the Faculty of Education, is a gentleman who has been able to build a reputable acting career while maintaining a steady and successful string of critically acclaimed single tracks.

Born and raised in Lesotho inBotleng Ha-Seoli in Maseru, MobStar began his music career as part of the dance crew (the white-masked-dancers) alongside T-Earl The-Champ before going solo as a rapper in 2015.

Around the same time, MobStar started his acting career, landing one of the roles as Malefane in an African soapie called Our Times.

After releasing more than two singles and cementing his position as arguably the best rapper in the National University of Lesotho’s long history, it was only natural that MobStar The-Champ would dip his feet into the motion picture pool, landing a role on the acclaimed African soapie.

Without his steady source of income and not yet making significant money as a dancer and a rapper, MobStar was looking for other streams of income when he got a role in the soapie.

In fact, early in 2014, he received an unexpected call from Land-Locked-Entertainment for acting auditions and was successful. The soapie, Our Times, plays on Open View HD Decoder, channel 107 E-Africa at 9pm weekdays.

Since that decisive phone call, MobStar has enjoyed a rapid ascent to the top of the acting world.

Our Times brings to the world the story of love, betrayal, hate, lust and murder. In the story, MobStar is causing havoc behind the scenes of Our Times, driving fans really mad.

Many in Lesotho may finally see MobStar in action as the soapie is set to run on Lesotho Television (LTV) soon.

The multitalented artist is the first to admit that he never went to any institution to learn how to act. He is just displaying his God-given talents.

“I never went to school for acting, neither for dance nor for music, God is the One guiding me through this journey,” he said.

Talents, indeed, cluster around MobStar. He is also making waves in music. Before he could sink into the pool of acting, early 2014, he began circulating links of his songs. His hit songs include “Call-Back, World War3,Oa e tsebadaeden and the latest Motlheu-tlheu”.

His passion for rap began when he was still in his current dance crew (M.Y.C or The Mystique Champz). While still working on dance mix, he was attracted by a random beat from those that he was listening to and began attempting his transition into the world of rap.

He released his first single ‘Uncanny’ in April 2013, and got a positive feedback from his former high schoolmates and other fans after it rocked one of the local radio stations in Maseru.

However, he took a long break from rap due to his other former dance partners’ drama.

He started taking his music career seriously as he does with dance and acting after meeting LitebohoMolata (KT Beats), in early January 2015 who is his current producer.

The presence of KT Beats by the side of MobStar keeps more fire burning on his rap singles. Just a few weeks after ‘World War3’ was released, ‘Motlheu-Tlheu’ followed and was trending on the internet with thousands of downloads within 48 hours.

He never surprised KT Beats; he produced the ‘first single after the break’ entitled Call-Back, in April 2015 and it was an infectiously catchy single.

Since then, his next single ‘Oaetsebadaeden’ has dominated the airwaves in Lesotho and South Africa.

His most popular tracks at this time include ‘Oaetsebadaeden’ where he is featured by Narkotic and Skebza-D and him being choral and also spitting the first verse.

Early 2016 MobStar had inked a record deal to a track called ‘Motlheu-Tlheu’ which was released last week.

As his rap career moves forward, he hopes that his unconventional rise to rap fame will continue to prove an asset, not a hindrance.

He said “the monkey I see in the mirror is my only (competitor)”.

He said he raises money through hosting music events. He says he has recorded some of his tracks with L-Tore, Skebza-D, Home Brewed Entertainment and many other trending artists. He has also worked with different dance crews.


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The rap king in Roma

  Rebonejoang Leoma ROMA HIS single, ‘Oaetsebadaeden,’ has dominated radio waves in Lesotho and South Africa. Plus, he has also landed a role in an African soapie— Our Times. Topping


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