Start small and scrappy

Start small and scrappy

The lifestyle of entrepreneurship, in Lesotho, should be as ubiquitous as the presence of youthful billionaire entrepreneurs in sneakers and T-shirts.
Entrepreneurs are the pioneers pushing the boundaries out further, through constantly challenging the norm, raising the bar and redefining the way the world of business works.
They never stop improving. And you’ll never hear them saying, Well that’s just not the way we do things. They are careful not to let success breed a one-dimensional way of thinking. I believe it is for these reasons that we have Tripham – a beautiful Lesotho product.

Back in the days, a little boy was born, I bet with a funny crumpled up face, a few spikes of hair and tiny crumpled up fingers. Tom Ramone grew up surrounded by houses built of wattle and mud. But he never allowed lack of ‘civilization’ in his village to be a more accurate depiction of him. He never allowed others to determine his success – if he did then he would have become vulnerable to the ebbs and flows of others judgement – he anointed himself as the most important judge of his activities and took control of his own confidence.
“I know there’s a potential for a massive business here. I want to be part of it. I’m in.”
Those are the words of every entrepreneur and aspiring entrepreneur. Do you want in?

I am totally intrigued by what Microsoft is doing: inclusive design. It begins with studying overlooked communities, ranging from dyslexics to deaf people.
Basically, by learning how they adapt to their world, the hope is that they can develop better products for everyone. Their example, you’d like to build a phone that’s easier to interact with while driving. Study the blind.

How do they know when their phones are paired with other devices? What aural feedback do apps need to provide? Building those features into a phone would not only help the blind.
Simply put, we should awaken to the thoughtlessness that hides all around us and make the most out of it. What makes you smile? What makes you cry? Start there!
I have never had a chance to ask what really motivated Mr Ramone to create Tripham. But knowing Thaba-Tseka, how cold it is, and how the weather results with many people having a dry skin, I totally understand his vision. And I fully get why he didn’t see retail as a box that sells things but a box that brings people together in interesting and creative ways.
I believe now is your turn to start something. Start small and scrappy. Whatever you do, just start. Remember not to change with the tides; be flexible and open to new ideas, but be consistent in your beliefs and values.
Vow to win!

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