Thabane in the dustbin of history

Thabane in the dustbin of history

On May 19, 2020 I listened to our new Prime Minister Dr Moeketsi Majoro’s speech during his inauguration and I was shocked that he took 30 minutes singing praises of former Prime Minister Thomas Thabane. I am not sure what Majoro wanted to achieve by making Thabane a hero during those 30 minutes.

The truth is that Thabane is not an honourable man and borrowing Leon Trotsky’s words, Thabane must “go where he belongs from now on, the dustbin of history.”
As Thabane handed the instruments of power to Dr Majoro on Monday May 19, 2020, it was crystal clear that he had encroached on the integrity of this nation and found himself on the garbage heap of history.
Some people would like us to move on and forget about Thabane and I have no problem closing that chapter as long as we agree on historical facts that point to one thing – that Thabane was the worst Prime Minister we ever had.

Thabane did not voluntarily decide to end his political career. He was under tremendous pressure after he was implicated in the murder of his previous wife Lipolelo Thabane. That was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

Majoro and his All Basotho Convention (ABC) members would want us to believe that Thabane voluntarily retired from office. That is a lie.
Thabane was unfit for high office and the soul of this nation was at stake. The ABC’s leadership must realise the problem was not his age nor his wife, but a failure of leadership.

I now wish to remind those who have conveniently forgotten the evils committed by Thabane’s administration. This will at least make us judge if Thabane is a hero or loser.
In 2017 after returning from exile the former Prime Minister lived in Yan Xie John’s house in Hillsview. He sold Basotho to John and pushed himself so far down toward the dustbin of history.

After winning elections and forming a coalition government, Thabane’s previous wife, Lipolelo Thabane was murdered in cold blood on June 14, 2017. Little did we know that he was involved in his ex-spouse’s murder. No wonder he pushed so hard to be inaugurated before the burial of his ex-wife.

You would reckon he was still mourning but Thabane was sworn in as Prime Minister on 16 June 2017 in front of over 20 000 celebrating spectators, two days after the murder of his previous wife. Thabane must appear on the Guinness World Records with a record-breaking achievement of being inaugurated two days after his wife’s murder.

In August 2017 Thabane had an extravagant wedding that took place at Setsoto Stadium before a crowd of about 20 000. He married Liabiloe Ferreira, another man’s wife who had fled the country because of danger. Thabane and Liabiloe Ferreira were joined in matrimony by the church in the midst of chaos stated above.

In the same month of August 2017, former Prime Minister Thabane appointed Yan Xie John as head of special projects and the prime minister’s special envoy and trade adviser on the China-Asia trade network.
Since that appointment, Yan Xie John has controlled everyone in government and he used his proximity to the premier’s office to advance the interests of the Chinese community in my country at my expense. Indigenous Basotho were sacrificed on the altar of paying back the Chinese community.

In a small economy like ours when the Chinese community gets a lion’s share from government tenders, the government being the biggest spender in the economy, it leaves the indigenous Basotho worse off. The economic difficulty Basotho endured was made worse by Thabane’s pro-Chinese policies.

In May 2018 Thabane introduced the wool and mohair regulations. Over 37 000 wool and mohair farmers were denied income in 2018 and 2019. Stone Shi, a Chinese national who was given a monopoly to sell Basotho’s wool and mohair, robbed farmers of their two years’ harvest.
In March 2018, Thabane’s administration announced the partial ban of importation of red meat to reserve the market for Yan Xie John’s Meraka Abattoir. This initiative resulted in a lot of butcheries being closed because they were forced to buy red meat from Meraka.
90 percent of all construction tenders were given to the Chinese community. This act decimated the construction industry. Ha Belo industrial park construction worth M1.4 billion, road construction contracts worth over M2 billion, Ha Tikoe factory shells worth over M450 million all went to the Chinese companies at the expense of indigenous Basotho construction companies.
Thabane failed in implementing austerity measures and in addressing factory workers’ demands, unemployment, teachers’ problems and local businesses. Bad governance (corruption, Chinese infiltration and John capturing the government) resulted in high unemployment and a depressed economy. Yan Xie John together with Thabane have bled this country dry to fuel the then Ministers, Principal Secretaries and his wife’s extravagant lifestyles.
Thabane never respected court orders. He tried to fire the President of the Appeal Court, Commissioner of Police and ABC elected office bearers against the orders of the courts. Each time Thabane was in power there have been conflict between the Lesotho Defence Force and Lesotho Mounted Police Service.
I thank God that this time around there were no casualties in the precipitated crisis between these institutions.
Thabane violated the human rights of over 60 people who were killed in police custody as a result of his instruction that the police must torture crime suspects. No action was ever taken against the killers. We are still waiting for justice for these individuals.
Thabane was guilty of obstructing justice for harbouring a fugitive at State House. He had knowledge that a crime had been committed but he continued to aid the criminal suspect (his wife, ‘Maesiah Thabane) to escape arrest.

On the 4 October, 2019 the day we were supposed to celebrate our independence Thabane, using the then Foreign Affairs Minister Lesego Makgothi, decided to sell our souls as Basotho to the oppressor called Morocco, in the fight for the independence of the people of Western Sahara.
In Thabane’s administration a culture of untouchability ran through his government. There was lack of compliance with prescripts and the law, lack of political will and lack of consequences for wrongdoing. Thabane has been a disappointment in managing this country. He compromised the revolution he had preached since the day he defected from the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD). But May 19 saw him headed for the dustbin of history where he belongs.

Ramahooana matlosa

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