I will not be used

I will not be used

“It is incorrect to say I am refusing to authorise funds that will be used to combat Covid-19. The truth is that the Ministry of Finance allocated M40 million to the National Emergency Command Centre (NECC), during the time when Ntate Majoro was still the Finance Minister.

I am the principal accounting officer because the NECC operates under the MDA and I have all the responsibility to ensure funds are used appropriately.

However, I never refused to sign or approve its usage. The money is still being used at the ’Manthabiseng Convention Centre.
I urged the Health Ministry to make sure that their procurement officers become part of the tender panel there together with a team from my office.
That is because I don’t want to account on funds that I don’t know how they were used. The ministry seemed unwilling to cooperate on this one. I would not agree to account on monies that are decided where I do not see, there in the dark.

Let them come and be part of the tender panel there so that we do things in the open, where everybody sees. Why should I account for monies that are decided and used where I do not see?
I do not have any vendetta. It is wrong to say that. Let them have opinions but the fact is I will not agree to be used like a donkey that will only ask: where do I sign?

You must know that that ministry is in the forefront of those that misuse public funds. You can go to the Auditor General’s office and confirm this. I don’t have a vendetta. I have worked in government for 30 to 40 years and I know the procedure.

I have been a PS for that ministry and I perfectly know the procedure. Everyone knows how I left that ministry and I still stand here and say I will not allow being misused. I don’t want to go to prison.”

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