Lesotho’s own EFF

Lesotho’s own EFF

… The youths are fighting back…

MASERU – FIREBRAND South African politician Julius Malema is spreading his influence to Lesotho, where a political party mirroring his Economic Freedom Fighters is seeking to push for the aspirations of the youth.
The party, named Basotho Freedom Fighters (BFF) says it aims to unite Basotho youth to liberate the country from all forms of discrimination and oppression.
It says it also intends to end all forms of corruption and rapidly transform Lesotho to create a democratic country based on the principles of the freedom charter.

The BFF president, Makoase Mopeli, says the party was formed in March 2018 by a group of young people who interacted on a Facebook group called Lesotho Jobs, Tenders and Adverts.
“The party does not belong to any individual but it is for every young Mosotho who shares the same vision,” Mopeli says.
Party Secretary General, Sechaba Metsing, says the party was founded by Lesotho’s young people who felt challenged by the way the country is being run.
“They have realised that our elders have dismally failed them, their dreams are never fulfilled and it’s only talk and no action,” Metsing says.

He says the youths realized that they need to be represented in Parliament to influence governance issues.
“That is basically how the BFF came about,” he says.
“Young people are the future of the nation because they are energetic and they have active minds. So, BFF aims to advocate for the youth because they actually understand what young people need and they will definitely help them towards their goals.”
He says the BFF will ensure job creation and help young people achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

Metsing says instead of campaigning for political parties that are led by old people who neglect the youth after elections “the BFF has decided to do something which is really youth oriented”.
“There is no nation in the whole world which can attain economic development if it doesn’t make full and effective use of its valuable human and natural resources,” Metsing says.
“It is young people’s responsibility to ensure that the economy of the country is in a good state.”
The BFF brings Lesotho’s parties to 30, in a country of roughly two million people.

Mamakhooa Rapolaki

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