Moleleki pledges to root out corruption

Moleleki pledges to root out corruption

MASERU – TSEBO Ntoeba travelled all the way from Mohale’s Hoek, about 120km away from Maseru, to listen to his party leader Monyane Moleleki speak.

He says he wanted to “witness history” as Moleleki officially launched his Alliance of Democrats (AD) at Ha-Tikoe in Maseru last Saturday.

And when Moleleki finally took to the podium to address the crowd, he was ecstatic.
Yet Moleleki’s speech left him with a bitter-sweet taste.

He says Moleleki should have spoken at length about his plans to investigate and prosecute all those charged with corruption.

“Ntate Moleleki must tell those corrupt ministers and their senior officials to return the loot now or face prosecution when the AD becomes government,” Ntoeba says.

“They should be told that corruption is dangerous as we can see that it has split the Democratic Congress and now the government is on the verge of collapse.”
“We don’t want a government that will be established in the morning and before evening it falls because its officials are corrupt.”

Ntoeba said governments that fight corruption last long and become prosperous.
“Those that do not fight corruption may be dictatorial and last long but will remain weak and poor.”

In his party’s launch speech, Moleleki said his party will fight to root out corruption in Lesotho. Moleleki said the dominant white colour on the party’s flag represents peace and cleanliness, while the black and red mean Africa’s black people.

He said the cleanliness of the mind as represented by the white colour will effectively help to change the attitude of those who are prone to engage in corrupt activities. The AD, he said, was formed to unite the people in the fight against corruption which he said is hampering the nation’s economic progress.

“We are economically stagnant because there is a corrupt syndicate that controls our already weak economy for the benefit of their families and friends only,” Moleleki said.

He said corruption is the reason why some of them have withdrawn from being ministers in the current seven-party coalition government. Moleleki said Basotho should hold hands in the fight against corruption because their governance cannot be founded on corruption.

Moleleki told the crowd that the AD was founded after realising there was a clique in the government that was turning a blind eye to corruption.

He also appealed to Basotho to work together and stop killing each other. The white colour of the party flag represents peace which he said has been lacking in Lesotho for the past 50 years.

Moleleki said after Lesotho gained its 50th independence, his conscience made him aware that it is time for Lesotho to turn a new page in terms of its politics and governance.
He said the voice inside him took him back to the time when Lesotho gained its independence.

“In 50 years Basotho have been killing each other because of politics, and the last death I remember, was that of one Mosotho who was shot dead in 2015 at Mokema,” he said.
“The voice said I should speak to other political leaders and propose working hand-in-hand with them in order to turn a new page (and practise a new kind of) politics, where we will stop calling each other names.”

He said his conscience told him that “the political leaders in exile should be the last to ever go out of the country due to political instability and security threats”.

“It said to me that I should see to it that I do not sleep until everyone who is in exile has returned in order for them to come and contribute to the formation of a peaceful government,” Moleleki said.

“You will agree with me ladies and gentlemen that this is the first rally to ever be held by a political party where you hear different songs from other political parties being sang and danced to.”

Moleleki said corruption and political apathy have pulled the country backwards and kept leaders busy on petty politics while the youth suffer from unemployment.

“Another reason why the AD was formed was to deal with the outrageous unemployment rate of young people going up and down seeking jobs,” Moleleki said.

“I am very pleased to see that it is the young people that are attracted to the AD,” he said.
He said the AD will support the youths of Lesotho in their various endeavours including sports, music and different creative works to create jobs.

In explaining the concept of the tree as the AD symbol, Moleleki quoted from the Bible at Job 14:7 which says that “there is hope for a tree, if it be cut down, it will sprout again, and its shoots will not cease”.

The AD launch was attended by thousands who had been bussed from all corners of the country.

Leisa Leisanyane

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