Thabane calls for peace

Thabane calls for peace

MASERU – PRIME Minister Thomas Thabane says he will not allow his party to collapse under his watch, as the All Basotho Convention (ABC) battles an internal rebellion fronted by his deputy.
He said the infighting in the ruling party has been so vicious that some members have even lost their lives.

Addressing supporters in Peka constituency last Sunday, Thabane said the in-fighting in the ABC can only hurt the party further, warning members to stop holding unsanctioned rallies.
“I ask myself what the intention is if I am not listened to as the leader because truly speaking, I am the leader,” he said.

Thabane said he has pleaded with his supporters to mind their tongues in a bid to achieve peace and unity in the party, adding he was praying and working for peace.
“I am moving from one constituency to another yearning for peace and reconciliation in our party,” Thabane said.

He said he met his deputy and rival faction leader Professor Nqosa Mahao and informed him that they should have talks with the Secretary-General of the party, Samonyane Ntsekele.
Thabane said the national executive committee will be called so that talks can commence.
Thabane said after the negotiations between the factions in the party, all members will be informed about the way forward.
“I appeal to all those who will participate in the talks to unify the party,” he said.

Thabane welcomed Dr ‘Matumelo Sekatle and some people from her constituency who defected to the ABC.
The spokesman of the Democratic Congress (DC), Serialong Qoo said Dr Sekatle expelled herself from the party because she voted for the government in parliament a fortnight ago.
Dr Sekatle is the MP for Qacha’sneck constituency.
Her husband Semano Sekatle has since left the DC to join the ABC.

At the rally, Thabane also spoke about the wool and mohair industry, saying it was a source of livelihood for many Basotho.
“The government came with a plan to double the money Basotho used to get from the sale of wool and mohair but some Basotho are against that initiative,” he said.
“Maybe it is because they are somehow benefiting as individuals,” he said.
Thabane said some of the people who are against this initiative are not sheep owners.
“Me and ‘Maesiah at least have 15 sheep,” he said.

Nkheli Liphoto


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