A drunk Ministry

A drunk Ministry

Muckraker has always had a crush on Advocate Molati. Not for his apparent handsomeness but because he has a good head over his shoulders.
Dull men are a serious turn-off. Often, they don’t know when to shut-up.
You just politely nod as they embrace themselves with shallow talk about cars and money they don’t have. To scare them off you simply have to nudge the conversation towards serious matters like politics, economics and current affairs.

Bring in some philosophy and their lights are dimmed. That’s when you realise that there is nothing substantial behind that loud mouth and excited eyes.
Advocate Molati is not that kind. He thinks differently.
Which is why he has managed to turn the discussion about the shebeen diplomats into a broader issue about other senior government officials who are alleged to have been part of the duty-free alcohol scandal.
He has set a cat among the pigeons. The cat being a letter he sent to the government on the shebeen diplomats’ behalf. The pigeons are the likes of

Local Government Minister Moramotse, former minister Mahali Phamotse, former foreign affairs PS Bohloko and the current PS Mothae.
All of whom are alleged to be involved in the scandal.
Notice that Muckraker is not including the Feselady among the pigeons because she doesn’t deserve to be described as such. She is too big to be a pigeon. She is probably an ostrich.

Yet she is also running because she is alleged to have benefited from the duty-free alcohol. The denials from the pigeons are hilarious.
Mothae said he bought alcohol worth M18 500 but it was for private consumption. Let that sink in because it is staggering.
A civil servant who earns just over M30 000 per month bought alcohol worth M18 500 for private consumption. That is enough money to pay nine factory workers used by one person to buy whisky, wine and rum. Muckraker is not saying Mothae is being disingenuous.

It could be that he was very thirsty or he was just creating a silo of liquor in preparation for his retirement.
Mothae has been quick to point out that the diplomats are trying to divert attention from their own shenanigans by dragging his name into the scandal.
He is right because the issue here is about those who were caught buying and selling duty-free alcohol. What he however doesn’t mention is that none of the diplomats caught ever declared that they were buying the liquor for business. All of them said they were buying for personal consumption.

They were only caught because the authorities knew that they were buying copious amounts of alcohol for “personal consumption” yet they always came back to the shop sober. Anyone who buys that amount of alcohol should be drunk in this life and in hell or heaven.
So Mothae is missing the point by trying to make a distinction between him and the shebeen diplomats.

What he doesn’t know is that this is no longer about what he did with the alcohol but how much he bought. The shebeen diplomats have already said they will not go down alone. They are thus spraying manure on everyone, especially their seniors.
Their tactic seems to be working because senior government officials are scurrying for cover.

The only problem for the likes of Mothae is that it is tough to prove that alcohol worth M18 500 is for personal consumption.
Even if he does prove that all that alcohol is now in his bloodstream the next question will be about profligacy.
He cannot tell us that it was just a few bottles of whisky because that would point to the fact that he bought the best and very expensive bottles.

If he says he bought common lagers then it would indicate that he bought a bakkie full of it. Which would undermine his explanation that it was for personal consumption or trigger questions about his drinking habits.
Muckraker swears that Mothae is the soberest PS in the government. He might be running a drunk ministry but he looks sober.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!


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