Armpits and hypocrisy

Armpits and hypocrisy

It has been obvious that the bitter ABC will never allow Dr Moeketsi Majoro to settle down. They have been kicking up a storm over his cabinet for weeks.

Some have put nails on his chair while others fart in his offices.
The idea is that Mr Softie must have a torrid time from the onset.
Muckraker has no qualms with the MPs wringing Mr Softie’s ears. He is one of their own.

They can defecate on his government if they want.
Phori, the chihuahua who leads the platoon of the bitter MPs, has been shrieking for weeks.

Three issues seem to have got their goat. They want cabinet positions. The BNP and the RCL should be kicked from the government. They want the government to stop Uncle Tom’s prosecution.
Those would be fine if the whole escapade was not tainted by rabid hypocrisy.

So desperate are some of the MPs that they are now threatening to expose Mr Softie’s secrets.
Hear, hear! We last heard such pathetic tactics in primary school.
But we shouldn’t expect the MPs to know this because most of them don’t appear to have set foot in primary school.

If they did then they give education a bad name.
The threats only expose the MPs to be dishonest charlatans.
They only want to spill the beans because they have been booted out of government.

Besides, we should be asking them what is there to be exposed.
This cannot be about fornication because that is not news in Jerusalem. Everyone does it everywhere.

That leaves some tit-bits about corruption. Yet we should still ask what they were doing when the alleged corruption was happening.
The truth is that these are just desperate MPs resorting to using scarecrows. They have been walloped.

These are the same people who were part to a government that was firmly in the Feselady’s petticoat.
And let no one tell us that the previous government was better than this one. The last one was led by a man whose brains had long filed divorce papers on his head.

Uncle Tom was just not there.
His brains were always in the Feselady’s bag.
No! Muckraker lies. They were in the Feselady’s armpits.

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