Baboons will run

Baboons will run

Muckraker is still furious. Those who support the police’s attack on the youths have morsels of pig manure in their heads. It’s dictatorship and if you don’t see it as that then you are an enabler. Those who sympathise with the aggressor are playing in the aggressor’s team.

It therefore follows that they are part of the problem, not solution.
What happened last week is vile. Anyone who ululates for such uncouth behaviour is either high on something illegal, a moron or both.
Either way, such people are beyond redemption. They are pathetic bootlickers pretending to be woke. Personal assistants to Diabolosi.
But do not let your hearts be troubled for the tables will turn. Governments are not known for being loyal. All governments have short memories.
One day it will be them getting the short end of molamu.

Yet you can be sure that when happens the same people bellowing at the youths for having an illegal protest will be screaming about human rights and justice. But Muckraker will not laugh at them for evil is evil regardless of its victim.

Muckraker is no prophet or political fundi but she will tell you, without an iota of doubt, that the protest last week is just a precursor of more to come.
Gone are the days when the youths will be content with crumbs from the high table.
The youths are hungry and angry. No amount of heavy handedness will cow them.

Henceforth, there will be pandemonium in Lesotho. The lying politicians will have to account for their actions. This is not a threat but a solemn promise.
The youths have seen through the charade and are now pulling the middle finger on politicians.

Those who blame the youths don’t know the pain of going to bed on empty bellies.
They don’t appreciate the plight of the youths who are qualified but have never earned a salary in their lives. That is why they concoct the terrible falsehoods that the struggling youths are indolent cry-babies. You hear it in bars and see it on social media. They say it in their political speeches.

They say the youth must create their own jobs, as if they themselves have created even a fatofato job.
Phew! The people who utter such bunkum have never started a business in their life. These are career politicians without even a goat but lecturing the youths about starting businesses. Start business with what? Saliva and semen?

Those who dare to start soon find that the biggest threat to their enterprises is government policies. When you try to grow cabbages, the government takes years to approve your application to drill a borehole. Meanwhile, they will be allowing trucks of cabbages to cross into Lesotho. Sometimes its tempting to think some government officials are on the payroll of some vegetable farmers across the border.

Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe Basotho youths have no capacity. Capacity is built not peed.
Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe Basotho youths are lazy. Lazy is your grandmother. You have the nerve to call them lazy but have never given them a job. How the hell did you come to that unscientific conclusion? From what nook of your shallow mind did you extract such gobbledygook?

If the youths try tenders the government will sit on their payments until their business is kaput. Blah, blah, blah, the youths must be innovative. Nonsense! The real innovation we need is a machine that makes a politician lose a bit of their voice every time they tell a lie. That won’t work either. We need a machine that cuts a little bit of their lions every time they tell a lie.
This “create your own job mantra” is the government’s ruse to duck responsibility.

No one is saying the government should create jobs. Never! Its failure in that endeavour is legendary. We know it cannot and will never start a viable company. Everything it touches ends up dead. In this country even governments are a danger to themselves. They commit suicide. Uncle Tom’s government hung itself on a tree called Feselady. It’s as dead as a Dodo. Its leader is now the subject of a village chief in Makhoakhoeng. From a prime minister to asking for lengolo la Morena.

Size Two’s government drank a poison called Fleet tender and kicked the bucket. So bad was that government that even the ancestors have evicted it. Its leader is now a commoner in Roma while his camels fight over grass with donkeys, goats and cows in Qacha’s Nek. So no one in their right senses would demand that the government starts companies and create jobs.

What the youths are demanding is that the government stops placing banana peels on the private sector’s path to growth. Stop the corruption and remove the red tape. Help the private sector get the much needed credit.
Stop handing contracts to the same old companies. Protect small businesses from cheap imports. Don’t give the few government jobs even to the goats and pigs from your village.

These are not outrageous demands but you can be sure they will not be met for someone somewhere has vested interests. But make no mistake about it: There will come a time when things will be so bad that even those who think are comfortable will be running for the mountains.
The baboons will run. There will be gnashing of teeth. Those without teeth will be given. Tik-tok-tik-tok-tik-tok-tik-tok. As a parting shot Muckraker leaves you with a quiz.

Name the politicians who helped pass the law that compels people to seek permission to protest but are now in the opposition?
For clues look at the beards of a goat and remember a political party that is so finished that its supporters cannot fill a wheelbarrow.
Have a wet weekend.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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