Country for sale

Country for sale

ONE of these days we will wake up to find Lesotho being advertised on Alibaba or Amazon.
The advert will say: “A group of politicians is selling a small country of two million people, one million sheep and 200 000 goats. It has two dams, a little bit of arable land, lots of dongas, an excuse of a hospital, hundreds of unruly taxi drivers and two overrated hotels.

Get it now for a bargain!”
This doesn’t sound like an outrageous proposition given the furious rate at which some politicians are selling this country to foreigners. John Xie, that dubious businessman with ill-mannered fingers, has done it again.
This time he is alleged to have looted a whole company. First, he got the government to buy equipment from his friends. When the machine arrived, he got the government to hand over the machine to another of his friend’s companies.

The company is now using the machine to mint money while Basotho, the alleged beneficiaries of the deal, watch from a distance.
The government calls this foreign direct investment.
You cannot make this up. The government buys a machine and gives it to a foreign-owned company. All in the spirit of empowering Basotho. Sometimes you don’t know whether to cry or laugh at the tomfoolery overflowing in this cowntry.

We are told that John stitched the deal while he was adviser to Uncle Tom. That Old Timer who is taking a forced but well-deserved rest in Abia had a way with dark humour.
He had a thief for an economic adviser. It was a cruel joke. John almost stole the whole convention. He got away with millions he looted from the government.

It is therefore possible that one day the whole country might be sold. And it will not be to the highest bidder because our politicians are a cheap lot.
It might not happen this “Black Friday” but it will be sold sooner rather than later.
Someone is itching to make a quick buck but pawning this cowntry. Remember most have already sold their souls.

By now you might have heard how one political party was willing to make this country a haven for human traffickers in exchange for some six jalopies. Six Japanese dotcoms is all it takes some politicians to open our borders to criminals.

Some Pakistani chap seemed to have the party’s senior officials in his small jean pocket. Bit by bit the plan to sell this country is coming together. The water is already gone. Our wool and mohair is controlled by some crook called Stone Shi.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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