How to spin like the AD

How to spin like the AD

This being an election session, it did not take long for some MPs to start backpedalling after people were disgusted by their fuel allowances. Caught with hands in the cookie jar, some MPs quickly pretended they were just counting the cookies.

Leading the pack of rats retreating from the granary were the AD MPs who said they were apologising for initially supporting the looting scheme.
Professor Ntoi Rapapa, the party’s deputy leader, called on the government to cancel the allowances.
Thuso Litjobo, the spokesperson, said they “unreservedly apologise” for backing the allowances.

It was a poorly choreographed charade that made AD leaders look like unskilled clowns. Mickey Mouse stuff!
A week earlier Litjobo almost lost his voice bellowing for the allowances.
“The allowances will be of good help to us,” Litjobo said.
The AD’s secretary-general Dr Mahali Phamotse said they are “thankful” for the allowances.

Only after the people showed their revulsion did the AD have a convenient change of heart.
Suddenly they were pretending to be the honest ones in a den of thieves.
But it was a hard act because they had already endorsed the decision.
Come month-end, they will receive their allowances and shut up.
The Hansard will show that Litjobo and Dr Phamotse cried for those allowances like babies.

Sadly, the AD thinks history will record that they opposed the allowances.
They will probably add the “apology” to their bag of campaign tricks.
The AD can do this because it is full of people who are clever by half. Educated but not wise.
Those who didn’t go far in school think books have teeth that bite.
In their wisdom or lack of it, they think the voters are stupid.

They have always thrived on such pathetic political spins. Remember they did same with the infamous Fleet Management tender. They were in on the sleaze but quickly condemned it when the manure hit the fan.
Till today, the AD functionaries swear they were opposed to the deal from the onset.
It takes a special kind of cognitive dissonance to deliver such high-jinks.

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