I am ready to  be naked

I am ready to be naked

Twenty years ago, Muckraker was beaten to a temporary teaching job at a school in Mafube. This was despite that she qualified and had nailed the interview conducted by the headmaster and two senior teachers. What got Muckraker’s goat was not that she failed to get the job but who got the job instead.

The job went to a chap who had been repeating his Form E for six years. Losing the job to that dimwit stung Muckraker but the pain was blunted somewhat when it was later revealed that the chap was brother to the headmaster’s wife.
So, nepotism and corruption had intervened. The other interviewers later said as much. Muckraker is thrilled to say the chap is still a temporary teacher, having repeatedly failed his teaching course until the college kicked him out.

The point of this little tale is not to mock the chap or deride the headmaster who did right by his wife’s brother.
Muckraker tells it because often it’s not losing out on a job that hurts but the person who gets hired instead. In this case, Muckraker suffered the dishonour of losing a job to a chap who could not even spell his name under pressure.

The current case study here is the appointment of Lepota Sekola as Police Minister.
It’s either Mr Softie is unwell, under the influence of something intoxicating, has stopped caring or he knows something special about Sekola.
It requires a commission of inquiry or a sangoma of the Sandawana ilk to decipher what was in Mr Softie’s otherwise sharp mind when he picked Sekola.

It’s doubly depressing that Sekola was picked among 120 MPs. Like Muckraker two decades ago, those passed off for that job must be pissed. Not because Sekola has been appointed or that they lost out on a plum job.
Rather, they should be furious about the kind of message that Sekola’s appointment sends to the public. Henceforth, they will be remembered as the MPs beaten to a ministerial job by Sekola.
History will recall them as the men and women who were in parliament when Sekola became a minister.

That is a serious indictment on them. It means Sekola was better than them. Mmmmmmmm.
Don’t chuckle because this is serious business. The honour of the honourable MPs is at stake.
They are yet to recover from the appointment of Lehlohonolo ‘Black Label’ Moremotse. They were there when Temeki ‘Maluti Lager’ Tsolo became a minister.

If someone can bring irrefutable evidence that Sekola was the best man for the job, Muckraker will shave both her head and eyebrows. She will strip naked and walk down Kingsway for hours if Sekola can prove that he can read and write. If he can write a coherent sentence in either Sesotho or English Muckraker will bless him with a free strip-tease show.
The ball is in his court and Muckraker is ready to parade her wares.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!


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