Just do it Uncle Tom

Just do it Uncle Tom

As Muckraker was writing this Maseru’s rumour mill was in overdrive. The usual gossips claimed that Uncle Tom was about to register a new political party.

If that is true then the gods must be crazy.
Such madness doesn’t need to be regulated. No need for an age limit for someone to register a political party.

A simple test is required to stop this madness. Make it mandatory for anyone who wants to register a party to come to the offices in person. They must then take the stairs instead of the lift. If they cannot make it to the registration office via the stairs then they have no right to be anywhere near the offices.

But on a serious note, there is nothing scandalous about Uncle Tom starting his own party. That is his right.
What is however scandalous is that there is a young person somewhere who will join that party.
That is sickness of the mind.

Only a brain-dead young person will join a party led by a man who is a few inches from turning hundred. Old people should be respected, not followed. They are on a journey to the ancestors.
Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe I like his policies. Nonsense. Which policy did he implement in his 50 years in politics?

Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe I like that he fights corruption. Really? How many thieves were prosecuted under his watch? It’s the same old hokum from misdirected youths who still think their salvation and future lies in politics.
The youth who register to be members of political parties but will never register companies.

They attend rallies instead of learning business skills.
The end is always the same. They will be disappointed. Yet instead of doing something different they will look for another political shack to join. Another old chap to follow.
Another rally to attend.

And they say the youths are the future of this country. Holy dung.
These imbeciles will sell this country for a few coins. They have no shame or sense of measure.
This being the start of a new year, Muckraker has just one wish. May the person who composed John Vuli Gate lose their voice for ten months.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!


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