Just go back to Ouh la la

Just go back to Ouh la la

SO Mohato Seleke, the former chief of the Lesotho National Development Authority (LNDC), is suing the Minister of Trade to renew his contract. It’s a curious lawsuit that seems informed by desperation rather than justifiable cause.

He wants the court to stop the minister from appointing his replacement.
Muckraker lacks the legal mind to discuss the merits of Seleke’s case. The lawyers will sort out that one.
She however takes issue with Seleke’s argument that he was appointed after a rigorous recruitment process.

That, right there, is a contender for the joke of the year. Even the rats residing in the gutters at the LNDC Centre are laughing at such hogwash. Seleke should tell us how he fared against the other three shortlisted candidates.

Was he the best candidate out of the four? To his papers, he should attach the scores from his interview to prove that he was the outstanding candidate.
Until then the man must spare us this nonsense about the recruitment process being rigorous.

Just because you got the job doesn’t mean you are the best candidate.
We all know chief executives of parastatals are political appointees. You will never get that job unless you have some political masters pulling the strings. The most important qualification is to be a card-carrying member of a political party.

For Seleke to then pretend that his appointment was based on merit alone is to tell a blue lie.
Which brings Muckraker to his argument about the board having recommended his contract renewal to the minister.
That argument is standing on one crippled leg. A recommendation can be accepted or rejected.

The appointing authority remains the Minister of Trade, not the board. He who appoints can dismiss or refuse to appoint. Simple!
Seleke must look at the bright side because he has not been fired.
The minister has, within his powers, refused to renew the contract. And no amount of legal gymnastics will change that salient fact.

Clear that humongous desk Ntate, load your things in a Ha re eng Thaba Tseka and vamoose Ntate. Shred some documents before you leave.
The jig is up! If you indeed succeeded in a “rigorous recruitment process” then you will be hired somewhere else.

There must be dozens of companies clamouring for your services if you did a splendid job leading the LNDC.
Don’t they say you cannot put a good man down? This business of refusing to go quietly will end in tears.

A can of worms might be opened. Go back to Ouh la la, grab a coffee and cook up another strategy.
Maybe there will be another “rigorous recruitment process” soon. Muckraker cracked after writing the previous sentence. If you don’t see the joke you have the sense of humour of a stone.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!


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