Just quit already

Just quit already

Hear, hear, hear! Uncle Tom had news for people who attended his rally in Abia.
He was asking his constituency whether he should quit the ABC or stay on. Phew!

Someone in the crowd should have just said: Just rest Ntate! You should have quit ten years ago. Tsamea! It wouldn’t make a difference if the old man stays or leaves the party.
He is way past his “sell-by date”. Plus he still has that blabbermouth next to him.

It is curious that an 80-something old man is asking people whether he should quit a party. That is a no brainer. If in doubt he can look around for his age mates who are still active in politics.

Instead of asking whether he should quit or stay Uncle Tom should be requesting for directions out of politics. He has long lost his mojo.
No wonder young Turks like Mahao and Majoro have spanked him out of authority.

He remains a father figure but his authority is zilch.
What remains is will and a little bit of ambition but the Old Timer is finished.
Muckraker doesn’t say this with malice but empathy. Old people must rest.
They must be gently stopped from self-destructive habits like engaging in vigorous politics when it’s clear they lack the stamina. The truth is that Uncle Tom has no business representing anyone in parliament or even at a sun-basking competition. That is not to say he is hopeless. It’s just that he should save what remains of his energy to tell folktales to village kids.

Some are speculating that he might want to form a new political party. A new party for what? To be led with what energy? Such hallucination is not good for the heart and mind.
The ancestors will not be pleased with such deliberate madness.

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