Let’s mourn Iveco

Let’s mourn Iveco

Mè oe! Iveco is dead. Killed by the same government that created it. We are told it had to die because the government wants to hear why taxi operators hate it so much.
That, in political terms, means the government is retreating.

Don’t believe the spin that Iveco’s death is temporary. The taxi operators don’t want the Mobile Traffic Court even if it comes on a wheelbarrow, scotch-cart or bicycle. They want it gone. They wanted it dead even before they knew it was coming.
The government will probably want to couch this as an indication that it listens to the people and is willing to consult. Nonsense! Defeats don’t come this big.

The government has been spanked by the taxi operators and is scratching its bums.
Henceforth, the taxi operators will be toying with this government.
They know it will tuck its tail between the legs and say: “ha e lale makoala re none”.
A whole cabinet has been forced to suspend a whole court because some taxi operators are not happy that their reckless drivers are being fined and their yellow-bellied ramshackles are yanked off the road.

Floodgates have been opened. Having set the precedence, the government is on a slippery slope.
The taxi owners have shoved the government into their pockets. To get the real impact of this you have to understand the motive behind the court and what the taxi owners want.

The government wanted to instantly deal with traffic offences so the courts are free to handle serious cases. Of course, there was a little bit of fund-raising but the real motive was to make things better.
The taxi owners want to return to chaos because that is what makes them thrive. They want to bribe their way out of trouble and continue wreaking havoc on the streets.

Thanks to our meek government, the taxi owners have won hands down. Muckraker will cry all the way to next week.

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