Let’s pray for Litjobo

Let’s pray for Litjobo

Those who elected Thuso Litjobo as AD spokesperson should find a long phafa and flog themselves until their arms are numb. Or they can bang their heads on a concrete wall until they come back to their senses.
Litjobo has been a disaster. An activist spectacularly jumped to be a spokesman.

He has neither the acumen nor the orientation. Most people are promoted to the position of their incompetence but strive to learn the job to avoid embarrassing gaffes.
Litjobo is beyond redemption. We cannot blame youthful exuberance for his bungling because he is now an adult. Nor can we say he has not outgrown his reckless activist tendencies.

He is just not fit for the job. His reaction to the cabinet’s decision to ban political rallies is the latest in the lost list of exhibits that prove his ineptness as a spokesperson.
The cabinet banned rallies because of the surging Covid-19 cases but all Litjobo could see was a political ploy.
He said: “The government wants to hide behind Nacosec’s advice to ban rallies when in fact they fear big rallies held by the AD”.

“They see us as a threat. They are trying to stop us,” he said.
He was going off tangent because the ban on political rallies had nothing to do with politics.
But even if it was, Muckraker doubts the reason was to sabotage the AD.
It takes a special kind of delusion to describe the AD as a “threat”.
The party’s supporters cannot even fill a wheelbarrow. Muckraker proposes a National Day of Prayer for Litjobo to find the courage to either zip it or go back to school. We can also ask the ancestors to intervene.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!


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