Look at  them now

Look at them now

Here is a summary for dummies on what is happening in South Africa.
A country that pretends to be sophisticated has been found out. A spineless president is fumbling as his perennially angry but entitled people loot in the name of a thief. That is all there is to know about the chaos in South Africa.
At its core are the apartheid-induced economic disparities that have not been resolved.
The so-called biggest economy in Africa has nearly 20 million people living in abject poverty.

The self-proclaimed paragon of democracy is burning. There is also a bit of laziness and a sense of entitlement involved. Muckraker would like to sincerely thank South Africans for bursting their bubble of self-importance.
That the looting caught the government unawareness is testimony that South Africa has an overrated intelligence service.
Look at how they were caught like rats when they went on an illegal spying mission in Mozambique.

Yet you have to hand it to the South Africans for their outsized ambition.
People living in matchbox shacks were stealing huge couches bigger than their houses.
Others were stealing coffins. Some stole sex toys (you can guess what kind of poverty they wanted to end). It was a free-for-all. Looting knows no age. One gogo was ransacking a pharmacy.

Lesotho should be sending an envoy to help CR7 deal with this self-inflicted disaster.
In the meantime, he can reassign his Dikgang Moseneke to handle this internal crisis. The crisis should be a smack in the face for those misdirected souls that think Lesotho should be part of South Africa.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!


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