‘Maesaiah’s graduation party

‘Maesaiah’s graduation party

HELELE helele, ‘Maesaiah has finally escaped the jaws of bed bugs. Yet Muckraker will not be taking a bottle of wine to her welcome party.
With or without bail, ‘Maesaiah remains a vile and deeply loathed woman.
Even stray dogs in Thamae will not rummage through her bin. Only leeches that benefited from her chicanery are rejoicing at her release.

Yet we should not hesitate to attend her ‘graduation’ party if invited. After all, this is the only time she is graduating from a formal institute.
Don’t tell me about high school because she left it when Mathematics made her see stars. The motive for attending the party is to see what she looks like after her epic battle with the bed bugs in prison.

That she lost the battles is as clear as a pig’s behind but we still have to check if the bugs have sucked the silliness and arrogance out of her system.
The second reason for accepting the invitation will be to see what a former First Lady looks like after spending nearly a month in remand prison.

It will not be a pretty sight but one not to be missed given her notoriety for being a quarrelsome lady whose mouth is always faster than her brains.
The third and most important reason for joining the party is to bring her some bleach (jik), scouring powder (vim) and thinners to wash the jail dirt off her yellow bones.

There should be no basekomo for her. A dip bath is what she deserves. A wire brush would not be a bad idea.
It is tempting to say she should clean everything including her manners and her talkative mouth but this is the Feselady we are talking about here. A woman incapable of changing her nauseating manners. She just cannot resist being mean.

There are those who have accused Muckraker of bashing ‘Maesaiah in recent days. Well, Muckraker has not uttered a lie about the sister.
It is a notorious fact that the woman was having a tango dance with bed bugs. There is no denying that she had a miserable time. You don’t need Sandawana to tell you that ‘Maesaiah is unlikable.

What is there to like about a former First Lady who behaved like a thug?
Muckraker’s heart bleeds for the remand prison bugs that have lost their delicious meal.

‘Maesaiah had not even enjoyed a Muvhango episode after remand prison when the excitable started emitting pedestrian arguments.

Pseudo legal analysts were waxing lyrical about the independence of the judiciary.

The ‘evidence’ of that so-called independence was that the court had resisted being influenced by the social media’s shrieks.
Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe this shows that the courts are guided by the law, not public emotion. Spare us the tosh, please!

We know the Feselady got the initial bail because a judge was in the small pocket of Uncle Tom’s jean. Yes, that little jean pocket whose purpose is yet to be made public.

The problem with such unimaginative arguments is that they tend to confuse a tree for a forest.
Far from being a sign of an ‘independent’ judiciary, the verdict shows a court incapable of getting things right the first time. The bail hearing is a correction of a mess created by Justice Masefokoro in February.

The Court of Appeal’s ruling was never meant to force the High Court’s hand to keep the Feselady in remand prison.
Anyone who thinks like that has a brain the size of the punctuation mark at the end of this sentence. The court said the High Court, in particular the judge, had cut corners to grant the bail.

The crux of the judgement was that ’Masefokoro had presided over a sham bail hearing before freeing the Feselady.
If it pleases the court Muckraker will say only a CJ could grant bail after such a bogus hearing. The CJ here doesn’t mean a Chief Justice but a Confused Judge.

There is no point in saying who the CJ is in this case but if the shoe fits then so be it. Name names at your own peril. Muckraker will deny it with her own life.

She never said there seems to be a tap oozing Hopose at the Palace of Justice. What is clear is that the Court of Appeal forced the High Court to mop the floor after peeing all over.

If disgrace was a person it will be called the High Court of Lesotho. There is therefore no reason to give the High Court credit for cleaning up its own mess.
Doing so will be akin to giving a student a distinction in a supplementary examination.

The gullible souls and bootlickers have been in overdrive since ‘Maesaiah returned to Uncle Tom’s arms after weeks of hugging the cold prison floor.
Some said they “knew she was innocent” as if a bail hearing is a trial.

No surprise here because such drivel is expected of the battalion that used to populate the State House’s corridors. That gang has never been known for smarts. It was just a hotchpotch of imbeciles singing for their dinner.
The cake however goes to the manufacturers of the ridiculous claim that the bail was a victory for ‘Maesaiah. The woman has won nothing. Zilch!
She has just spent a month in jail when she thought she would be as free as a bird.

She now has to report to the police twice a month.
Feselady, the globetrotter, now has to inform the police when leaving the country.
That might not sound like much trouble but it sure is for someone who once thought she had the law in her armpits.

In short, she is now far lower than a common Mosotho woman. Basotho women don’t have to report to the police two times a month. Twice a month she has to walk into a police station and say: “Bahlompehi ke ’na enoa!”
Ordinary people don’t have to tell the police when they are going to Ladybrand.

You are wrong if you think this is not a big deal for her. Feselady is now back to her primary school days when she had to ask the teacher to visit the VIP.
Remember this is a woman who once had a lease to a First Class seat.
Instead of per diems she gets letters of approval to leave the country.
If that is a victory then the LCD is the ruling party, the Maloti is weaker than the Zimdollar and John Xie is Father Christmas.

It takes a special brand of naivety to celebrate a loss as a victory. It will be funny if the purveyors of such a crippled argument were not dead serious.
They believe they have stumbled upon some brilliant idea with which to change the narrative about ‘Maesaiah’s legal woes.

The fact however is that the Feselady’s wings have been clipped.
Apart from being out of power, she is also a suspect shackled by bail conditions.
The point is that she is no longer a free woman do to as she pleases. Anyone who sees her in Ladybrand can call Mokete to ask if she had asked for his permission.

Even a trooper can ask what she is doing near the Maseru Bridge Border.
She cannot walk near Mohokare River without the police suspecting that she is about to slither out of the country like she did earlier this year.

If you see her buying a suitcase you can tell the police that she is about to pack and vamoose. Anyone who sees her buying running shoes at Total Sport can tell the police that she is getting ready to run across the border.

She cannot even be seen exercising because someone might tell the cops that she is getting fit for a long walk to Ficksburg. Some have called her bail a pyrrhic or hollow victory. They are wrong. This is an outright defeat.
Boom! Oh Boom! ‘Maesaiah has come down with a thud.
Someone call Nteboheleng Ralekuku to lick her off the ground.
Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuu!

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