Perfumed nonsense

Perfumed nonsense

Whoever is updating Lesotho National Olympic Committee’s Facebook page is a genius at managing expectations. They knew there was no chance in hell that ’Neheng Khatala and Seutloali Khoarahlana would bring back any medals from the Tokyo Olympics.
History, especially that of consistent failure, has a way of repeating itself.
Some things are just obvious. This is why the committee’s Facebook page was already fortifying us for damp squib from Tokyo.

So as Khatala and Khoarahlana were readying for the race, the committee was telling them that “there was no pressure and Basotho are sure you will do fine as long as you work hard and do your best, that is all that matters”.
Later, Khatala’s number 20 was described as a “great achievement because to participate in big games like these ones is not easy at all”.
In the same post, Khoarahlana was described as “our last hope” as he prepared for his race.

Then when he managed 67 the committee came back with some consoling but inane cliché about a person who starts a race not being the same as the person who finishes it.
This, the committee waxed lyrical, “simply shows how tough the marathon competition is”.
Go figure what that gobbledegook means. Muckraker has no time decoding nonsense.

Obviously pleased with their grammatic gymnastics, the committee could not resist congratulating and assuring Khoarahlana that “we believe that next time he will perform better”.
There will be no next time and even if it is there, by some miracles, you can bet your bum that it will end in failure.
The same failure we have endured since Lesotho’s first participation at the Olympics in 1972.

The problem is not the athletes but the government that expects them to perform miracles without adequate training and funding.
Our government craves the glory and accolade that comes with winning sports competitions but doesn’t want to spend a dime to achieve it. You see it in their treatment of all national teams.
The only national representatives who are well-funded are government officials attending useless international conferences. They will pull all stops to pay per diems and book flight tickets. Budget votes will be raided and vaults emptied to dispatch ministers and their entourages to international conferences.

Yet national sporting teams have to beg for funding. Some government officials will brazenly tell you that there is no need to invest in teams and athletes whose failure is guaranteed.
What is certain is that the national mediocrity starts with politicians who think with their nails.
Our teams would perform better if politicians didn’t make it their vocation to eat government money with every hole in their bodies. Through the ear, eyes, nose, mouth and those other places.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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