Pessy-Pessy is down

Pessy-Pessy is down

POLITICS is a crude game. One day you are riding high and the next you are crawling on your belly, bellowing after being bludgeoned by the sharp elbows of people you called comrades.
Just ask Mapesela who was dramatically yanked off his ministerial position last week.

He didn’t see the bus until he was under it. Boom! Pessy-Pessy is down.
His alleged crime is to have shoved his finger into Mr Softie’s eye too often.
Mr Softie had to unleash a knockout punch before Pessy-Pessy gouged his eyes.

Truth be told, Pessy-Pessy was too independent for Mr Softie’s liking.
He has never been known to guard his mouth. Sometimes he confuses verbal diarrhoea for frank talk. His mouth has always had a terrible habit of rebelling against his brain. Now that errant mouth waffled until the owner lost his job.

But you can be sure that it will not shut up. His reaction was as hilarious as it was dramatic. He went home, gathered his ABC regalia and started beating it. Never in the history of this country has a man beaten clothes with so much vigour.

He was slamming those yellow outfits as if they are the ones that fired him.
Then he set them ablaze while he pranced around as if he had achieved something spectacular and thunderous. That is what happens when you overestimate your clout.

You get beat and instead of fighting back, you vent your anger on symbols.
Pessy-Pessy is now rumoured to be cooking his political party.
That will be party number 105, according to records at the law office. The merrier the better.
This country needs more political parties, not less. We should get to a point when every clan has its political party. That way we stop this pretense that our politics is about ideology and serving the masses.

There will be no zealots to follow some dunderheads when each family has its party.
Each politician for his family and God for us all.
Watching Pessy-Pessy unhinged, Muckraker could not help but notice the irony of it all. He was burning the party regalia and not the things that the party helped him acquire when he was a minister and MP.

During the rant, he said anyone who wants the party regalia should call him to collect.
He said this while displaying huge yellow shirts and T-shirts. What he didn’t notice was that those clothes were too big for the average ABC supporter.
His shirts would have looked like a moapostola garment on any other ABC supporter.

The reason being that his time in government has multiplied his size by three. A belly has developed, thanks to the good living he enjoyed over the years.
Little wonder none of the ABC supporters volunteered to receive his donations.

Muckraker regrets not calling Pessy-Pessy. Those clothes would have been useful blankets in this biting winter.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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