Pessy-Pessy on Machache streetlight

Pessy-Pessy on Machache streetlight

PESSY-Pessy wants to bring a motion of no-confidence against Mr Softie. He says Mr Softie is just an academic with zilch political acumen.
If double standards were a human being, they would be called a mapesela.
This is the same man who just a few months ago was bellowing for Mr Softie to be Prime Minister. He was professing his undying love for the same man he now describes as an incompetent political novice.
You may ask what has changed. Well, Mr Softie took some buttered bread from Pessy-Pessy’s motored mouth after he became too big for his shoes.

Uncle Tom could tolerate such garrulous characters but Mr Softie will not put up with their monkeyshines. The only dimwit Mr Softie will put up with is one who keeps their mouth zipped and knows their place. Being mentally slow is an added advantage in Mr Softie’s quarters.
Apart from the hypocrisy of the move Muckraker has no much qualms with Pessy-Pessy’s bid to topple Mr Softie.
Her only other irritation is that Pessy-Pessy doesn’t seem to have put much thought into this notice of motion. The man could not get through the 46-word notice of motion without making a grammatical mistake. He had trouble spelling the word ‘kingdom’.
Honourable is spelt as ‘hourable’.

It is a measure of his flip-flopping talent and lack of vision that he suggests the AD’s Mahaletere as the next prime minister. Of all the MPs, Pessy-Pessy chooses a 70-year-old tired political ramshackle whose time passed a decade ago. A political sikorokoro with nothing to show for his 30-years in government.
Pessy-Pessy did not even have the guts to suggest himself as the next prime minister.
He will soon discover that his mission to install Mahalitere will have to climb an oily Machache streetlight before it becomes a reality.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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