Political kuenalisation

Political kuenalisation

The season of political prostitution has come upon us. The MPs are kuenalising.
Even political novices with an exaggerated sense of self-importance are hawking themselves to the highest bidders.
Political pimps are scouting for some bitter characters ready to sell themselves.

Muckraker has no qualms with the surge in the demand for political gigolos.
Such is the nature of our perverted politics to celebrate bed-hopping.
What she will however not accept is how those who have prostituted themselves wax lyrical about the virtues of their new beds.
It’s as if there is a rulebook every turncoat has to recite when they cross from one political hovel to the next.

Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe I have consulted my people and they support my decision. They never will say which people they are talking about. For all we care, it could be their nyatsis and a bunch of bootlickers whose job is to nod their heads.  

Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe, the party has lost direction. They speak as if it is them who were giving direction. Wandering politicians wondering why they are on a ship lost at sea.

Empty heads demanding direction from other people.
The truth is that they would have lost directions to a plum government position, a tender or a position in the leadership.
Blah, blah, the party has failed the people.

It is them that have failed themselves. They were beaten in a thuggish game they thought they were masters. They have run into sharp elbows.
Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe, there is no democracy in this party. Democracy ha se nkhono’ao.
Blah, blah, blah, I have returned to my real home. You are a political hobo perambulating the streets.
Home is where you get somewhere to place your bum.
Of course, we all know all this is just balderdash.
There is nothing moral about political prostitution. It’s never based on principle but fallout with the principals of the party.
Any other explanation is a barefaced lie no matter how straight is the face telling it.

A few months back Mokherane Tsatsanyane and Mooki Sello announced that they were leaving the ABC to join the AD.
They were all over the media bellowing about the rot and rudeness in the ABC.

Watching the charade, Muckraker wondered why someone had not asked if the two really matter to the ABC. Who are they and what is their claim to fame?

Their impotence was however there for all to see.
The two are beneficiaries of the ABC’s popularity. Tsatsanyane and Sello are nothing without the ABC. The constituencies they claim to be supporting them belong to the ABC.

In short, they came into politics with nothing and the borrowed political clothes from the ABC. Now that they have left, they will be naked.
The AD will accept them because it is desperate to show that it is still an attractive political hotel.

It also wants their votes in parliament.
But anyone with something substantial between their ears knows that their orgasm is short-lived. He who thinks is leading without followers is only taking a walk.

The duo’s comical summersault was still amusing us when the DC received another political guest in the form of Mosotho Chakela, the notorious famo gang leader, who claimed to have left the ABC together with his battalion.
It was obvious that this was a toxic package that the DC should not have touched with a ten foot pole but the times dictate that beggars can’t be choosers.

And so the DC embraced a criminal suspect who was already a problem child in the ABC. A party must be doubly desperate to open doors to such tailed characters.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!


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