Scott’s  silly tricks

Scott’s silly tricks

At some point we must have a serious conversation about our fascination with nonsense.
We are in the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic yet some people are getting excited by the shrieks from Lehlohonolo Scott, that scum of the earth serving a life sentence for butchering two innocent souls.

What got some excited is the revelation that Scott wants to confess.
This is the same scoundrel who vehemently denied the murder charges and manufactured outrageous lies to avoid jail. The same rascal who once ‘Vaselined’ out of prison.

Those expecting an earth-shattering exposé from him will be disappointed.
It’s like expecting our politicians to keep their paws from state coffers.
The prison authorities say they will allow Scott to confess. Utter nonsense!
Those who indulge Scott are unwittingly playing his game. The man simply wants some attention.

Notice that he doesn’t say he wants to ask his victims’ families for forgiveness.
He wants to confess to prison authorities before asking those he wronged to forgive him.

That is how callous the chap is. The naïve ones are already speculating that he wants to expose the powerful who allegedly hired him to kill. He didn’t name those alleged masters when it could have helped his case.
Cut the scrap and just steam.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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