Shedding fake tears

Shedding fake tears

Hear, hear, hear. The government has penned a statement about a woman who was assaulted by hooded thugs for reporting for duty during the strike by factory workers. Muckraker will not quote the statement verbatim because it is bereft of any substance. It merely repeats what we have always known.

Of course, any rational person is disgusted by the woman’s abuse. It goes without saying that the other woman who was cheering those thugs is a nincompoop.
The looting of shops was wrong and so was the attack on factory workers who refused to join the strike.
That, in a nutshell, was the import of the government’s statement. Obviosity and obviosity.

No strong condemnation of the thugs. No promise to get the police to investigate and bring the culprits to justice. Just a summary of what we already know and a feigned puzzlement on why a woman would cheer the abuse of another woman. No admission of culpability. No commitment to finding a solution to the crisis.

A statement that merely narrates a problem without suggesting a solution is as pointless as a meeting without an agenda. Any public relations officer should know this notorious fact.
Your business is not to regurgitate and summarise what the public knows. That the government is disgusted about the woman’s assault is not the pith and marrow of the issue. That they claim to be disgusted shows their hypocrisy and a shameless attempt to mop political currency from the incident.

They have never announced their ‘disgust’ when the soldiers beat people during the first Covid lockdown.
They have been silent while the police made it a hobby to torture and maim suspects in custody.
What is it about this incident that made the government discover a passion for human rights?

The answer is as clear as a goat’s behind. An election is around the corner and the government is scrambling for relevance. That shoddy statement is their shoddy way of showing that they care for women’s rights.
But no one is fooled by this ruse. We know this incident would not have happened if the workers had not embarked on a strike. The strike would not have happened if the government had issued a gazette and announced the new minimum wage.

It is that simple. If you believe the government is genuinely concerned about the rights and welfare of factory workers then you can believe that you are not your mother’s child. That woman is propaganda fodder for the government. If they cared they would have announced a new minimum wage for that woman to have a decent living. It’s scandalous that the woman was attacked during a strike over a M3 000 minimum wage.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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