Silly senatorial games

Silly senatorial games

Muckraker doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry after news that the Senate will have its own building in the next three years.
For the uninitiated, the Senate is that house inhabited by principal chiefs as well as unelected and unelectable politicians.
That it has chiefs doesn’t make it royal.

Politicians don’t care much for the chiefs anyway. The Senate is only useful to them as a squatter camp in which they pack and park comrades incapable of winning an election.
It’s Lesotho’s half-way home for failed politicians. A haven for political failures useful to those in power.
An honest Senator would be hard-pressed to say why they get a salary and allowances.

They are not alone. Basotho are still wondering why we have the Senate.
Why we need a building for them is an equally perplexing issue. To adequately answer it you have to master the art of playacting or first hit your head against a wall.
This is just but a political game. The Senate is there for impression rather than substance.
Little wonder the Senators have become masters at pretending that they have an oversight role over the parliament.

They know they have no real power to veto any law from the parliament. Even if they reject a law the parliament can still pass it. So, they are just a rubber stamp. Their role is to pretend to be in charge of a process they cannot and will never control. Once in a while, they will make the headlines for some noises but that is where it ends.

Muckraker suggests that the principal chiefs be allowed to go back to their people, where the real serious work is.
Marenanyana are getting too big for their shoes in the absence of the principal chief.

Their wings should be clipped pronto. They are illegally parcelling out land and spanking the people with punitive fines while their real bosses are in the Senate. The principal chiefs should not worry about their salaries for they already deserve them as chiefs. What is not right is to play morabaraba in the Senate.

As for the political failures that populate that place, Muckraker can only advise them to quit politics.
They are not cut for this business on lying, selective amnesia and spinning.
Do you see a bespectacled head nodding vigorously to that?
That’s Senator Professor Ntoi Rapapa agreeing with Muckraker on this one.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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