Sleeping on the job

Sleeping on the job

Muckraker had barely started her jalopy in Mafube when the Covid-19 storm she predicted a week before the new year crashed into Maseru. It was obvious that the country was facing a coronavirus Tsunami.
The only surprise is that there are some people who are surprised that this has happened.

Naivety is the name for it. But that is only of you are a commoner like Muckraker.
Any politician who pretends to be shocked by the unfolding disaster is a wretched liar. Either that or they are just a dunderhead unworthy of anyone’s vote. There is no need for a commission of inquiry or to pay some paper-pushing consultant to explain why we are in this mess.

The government is to blame for this crisis. It deliberately imported Covid-19 cases by allowing people into the country. Ideally, there was nothing wrong with allowing Basotho to visit their home during the festive season.
It was the right decision.

The mistake was to make it a free-for-all. The government did not have proper mechanisms to screen and test people at the borders. It is not that the system did not work. No. There was no system at all.
While our soldiers and police were having year-end parties thousands of people were trooping into the country through the porous borders.

Those posted to man the rivers and mountains simply turned into revenue collectors, stuffing their pockets with bribes from those they caught. South Africa was not bothered because it was emptying Covid-19 cases into Lesotho.

This was a way to decongest their country. Its soldiers patrolling the border were only concerned with people entering the country, not leaving. It didn’t matter whether they jumped or flew back to your country.
You could even cross perched on a crocodile and the soldiers would not be bothered.

The point was for people to leave their country. Now watch as South Africa locks its borders. You can be sure that some minister will soon be bellowing at South Africa for being unfair.
Phew! But nothing will change. Henceforth, South Africa will be unleashing the military on its borders.

It is their right to protect their borders.
They don’t give a rat’s behind about Lesotho’s immigrant workers.
Of course, they will take delivery of the miners to get their mines working but the rest can go hang.

Our Minister of Home Affairs should not even bother selling us the same old story about speaking to his “counterpart”. The Basotho he allowed to return home are stuck here for a long time.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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