Thabo’s long fingers

Thabo’s long fingers

That Likuena is a mediocre team is a notorious fact. We can live with that because we have never invested in nurturing football talent.
Our premier league matches are played in potato fields and the teams are run like backyard saloons. The players are paid when the team management and owners are in a good mood.

Pittances are what they call wages. What we didn’t know was that one of the defenders, Thabo Matšoele, who plays for Matlama, is a thief of money.
While other players were getting ready for the match in Mozambique, Thabo was scheming to pinch team manager Lehlohonolo Matlosa’s money. He pulled the theft in the most daring of ways. He tricked the hotel’s reception staff to give him a duplicate key to Matlosa’s room and helped himself to M1 400.

Thabo thought he had gotten away with his loot until the CCTV showed him entering Matlosa’s room as if it was his own.
He has since been expelled from the team and apologised for his long fingers. Muckraker is not sure if he was apologising for his thievery or being caught. Had the camera not outed him, Thabo would probably be one of the people complaining bitterly about thieves in the Likuena camp.
He would most likely be pointing fingers at other players. That is what thieves do: they are quick to join the ‘investigating team’ and list suspects.

Muckraker blames Thabo’s actions on our education system’s failure to identify talent at a young age.
Thabo should not be playing football but stealing his way to riches. We would send him to other countries to steal for the nation. He would be our venerated foreign-based thief, sending the much-needed foreign currency back home.

If he is caught, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will disown him as it has done to the shebeen diplomats in South Africa.
Thabo is however lucky that the football world is extremely forgiving to scoundrels like him. Matlama said it was important to avoid killing Thabo’s career because his club and the football family needs him.

The truth though is that Matlama doesn’t need that thief, no matter how talented he is. The so-called football family has no place for thieves.
Thabo has no football career to talk about. He is an average defender who is an extremely talented thief. He is thus in the wrong profession.
Maybe he should join politics where the ability to steal is a prerequisite.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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