The Bolt of lies

The Bolt of lies

If the lie about Covid-19 vaccines is a Mercedes Benz, then the truth about it is a scotch cart.
The lies about the vaccine are being rammed into our heads. The impressionable have become devotees.
But don’t blame the purveyors of such mendacities.
We live in an era where plumbers know more about viruses than a leaking tap.

Hairdressers are experts in epidemiology but they are dishing out hideous hairstyles that make our women look silly. Unleashing weaves that look like Mafeteng’s sehala-hala.
Teachers will tell you everything there is to know about the benefits of steaming but have no clue about teaching students. Former ministers who didn’t achieve anything while in the cabinet are now comparing vaccines to condoms. Herd-boys have turned into scientists.

The lies are galloping while the truth is being resuscitated. Fabrications have knocked out the truth with a thundering blow and are now speeding away.
The hope from those who peddle the lies and are giving them wings like Red Bull fuel is that somewhere along the way they will morph to gospel truths.

All this is not because the liars are exceptionally skilled or talented.
They just happen to be facing inept communicators in the form of government ministers, scientists, doctors and the so-called public relations officers. The government has always been incompetent when it comes to communicating. Sometimes you wonder why ministers and MPs get elected when they are such terrible communicators. Perhaps it is because they are incapable of communicating the truth.

When you lie for a living you lose the ability; your lips violently resist speaking the truth.
Doctors are either too busy dealing with the Covid crisis or are under the illusion that the truth will speak for itself. Don’t tell Muckraker about the so-called public relations officers because they are just overrated event organisers. They think their role is to call journalists to press conferences and introduce the minister with the same nauseating lines. Robots can do that these days.

This is why people who have never seen the door to a science class are now leading the conversations about vaccines. Mothers and fathers who religiously get their children vaccinated are screaming about the vaccines being unsafe and linked to the so-called mark of the beast. Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe 666 when you don’t know a single verse in Revelations. Blah, blah, blah 666 when your arm has vaccination scars.

What do such people smoke? It cannot possibly be the potent grade from Mapoteng. Never! There is something special. Sadly, they can always bank on finding some willing cheerleaders. The kind of zealots who occasionally rent out their brains to the loudest mouth in the room.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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