The bootlicking enablers

The bootlicking enablers

Any politician who doesn’t condemn the use of brute force on the youths is either a witch or an apprentice of a witch. Several youths were still bleeding and wreathing in pain when some too clever by half keyboard warriors and armchair critics started pooping their usual nonsense. Blah, blah, blah, the protest was not approved by the police.

Their inane argument being that the victims deserved to be shot because theirs was an illegal protest. In their feigned intelligence they were bashing the victims while tacitly cheering the police. You know you are demented when you support such callous behaviour by the police.
Whether the demonstration was legal or illegal doesn’t justify using rubber bullets on the protesters. With or without approval, people have the right to protest.

The idea that protests have to be approved by the police is one of the most pathetic ideas of our time. It says people must give notice to the government that they are pissed. It’s like telling the rat to negotiate with the cat.
You don’t need to have even attended a paralegal course to know that real protests don’t need the State’s approval. The world is replete with ample evidence that the most effective protests are not necessarily approved. They are spontaneous and meant to shock.

The police’s role during a protest is not to shoot the protesters but to control them so they don’t harm others, themselves or property. What happened last week was criminal. History shows us that the people rise against the government. In this case the government rose against the people.
It is galling that the loudest cheerleaders of this police cruelty are employed or are probably near the government’s feeding trough.

In their false sense of comfort they see nothing wrong with the fact that our youths had to resort to a protest to get the government to listen to their concerns.
The youths were on the streets because they have had it to the back teeth with a government that systematically sidelines them from opportunities. They are pissed at politicians who make false promises during campaigns.

They are not fighting for bacon but a chance to earn their own papa and moroho. Anyone who doesn’t understand this simple reality has a brain the size of a full stop at the end of this sentence. The debate should rather be about the policies rigged to disenfranchise the youths.

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