The chihuahua is back

The chihuahua is back

Chalane Phori, Uncle Tom’s Chihuahua, is back from his suspension.
And he is promising fireworks.

Muckraker was not expecting him to shut up for he is a blabbermouth. His mouth is connected to a dedicated power line from ‘Muela Power station.
It is because of his uncontrollable mouth that he was suspended from the ABC in the first place. For all his flaws and reckless bravado, Muckraker loves Phori.
He is a self-made businessman who started his hustle right in the streets.

You can call him a glorified spaza shop owner but he is doing something for himself while you push the nine to five and are always ready to say “Yes Boss”.
The rough edges have never been smoothened, but they have been useful in his political career.

He is still as raw as they come. Loud and unashamed. Brazen and cheeky. All of which appear to have propelled him all the way to the cabinet.
Phori’s rise tells us three things.
First, that education is overrated. Second, that there is absolutely nothing special about being a minister. Even Phori was there. Third, that the educated people of these countries are just overrated social media warriors who spend their time complaining about the state of the country but will never raise a finger to change its course.

They would rather describe the likes of Phori as an “uneducated buffoon” instead of taking him head-on in elections.
Unable to join the political battles, they console themselves with the discredited excuse that politics is for the uneducated. Yet every day they get instructions from uneducated politicians.

They are being flogged by politicians they secretly describe as dunderheads.
Frog-marched by the same people they describe as imbeciles. They lie to themselves that they are comfortable being technocrats when they are just pathetic paper pushers obeying orders from the top. Half the time they are busy educating ministers about basic things.

The minister will just nod and do the exact opposite. And there is nothing the so-called technocrats can do because they are not in charge. The educated bark while the uneducated ministers march and munch on.
They even pee on your policy documents.

Get in there and fight for political office if you really want to change things. Muckraker is seriously considering contesting in Mafube. Not to change much but to just have a chance to beat up silly politicians in parliament.
Just to knock out some rotten teeth from those lying mouths.

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