The DC of delusion

The DC of delusion

Thank God August is over. Our ears were hurting from hearing ministers waxing lyrical about Women’s Month.
It was all an act to give a false impression that they care about the plight of women.
The truth is that they don’t give a rat’s behind about the misery of women.
To them, women are only useful as voters and for gyrating at political rallies.

But politics is a game of impressions and perceptions.
So, there is no point in making a fuss about politicians masquerading as champions of women’s rights. What however should not be tolerated is women agreeing to be used by men to undermine other women.
Dozens of DC women did just that a few weeks ago. They were wheeled out to deny allegations that some men in their party were demanding hanky-panky for jobs.
The allegation came from Mahaletere, the leader of that political hovel known for housing malcontents, pathological liars and the brazenly corrupt.

Yet despite his blind spots, Mahaletere had a point.
He knew what he was talking about. As such, the DC should have just ignored him because he was starting a notorious face known to even goats in Mokhotlong.
But the DC wouldn’t let the allegation pass. It took them weeks to come up with a response. And when they did, it was a hotchpotch of denials and lies. A lesson in how not to respond to allegations.

Women were made to deny that some women had been made to ‘watch the ceiling’ before getting jobs. Here were women denying that some women had been abused. In their own words, Mahaletere was lying.
This brings us to four crucial questions. Are those women denying the hanky-panky-for-jobs allegations the keepers of the DC men’s tools? Do they have a safe in which they keep the DC men’s molamus?
Second, did the men have to announce to them that they are about to abuse women? Third, were they present in those sham interviews where the women were made to strip as part of the assessment?

Fourth, did the women expect the men to confess to their misdeeds? All this is to say the DC women who stampeded to deny Mahaletere’s allegations are unmitigated morons. Muckraker says this with a heavy heart because the word moron is best suited for men. That she uses it on fellow women is a measure of her disgust. Nonsense!

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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