The flying mall

The flying mall

You know you have done a shoddy job when a mall you built loses its roof within a week.
Those who roofed Masianokeng Mall should hang their heads in shame.
You can imagine the chicanery that happened to the foundation if the roof is flying all over.

Muckraker will not set foot at that mall until further notice.
You are testing your ancestors’ patience if you want to visit. Muckraker will not rely on her ancestors because most of them were civil servants: slow, lazy and corrupt.
While commiserating with the owner, Muckraker should point out that cheap things are expensive.

Look at all the buildings the government has received from the Chinese.
The ‘Manthabiseng Convention Centre started rotting a few days after construction. The rumour mill says it has an expiry date. The parliament building looks older than the Morija Museum.
The State House will soon be crumbling.
You might be tempted to think local contractors will do a better job but that is wrong.

The Chinese are known for shoddy workmanship in Africa but the local contractors have their own mischiefs as well.
Rarely do they finish the job on time. If they complete the work within schedule and budget you can be sure something is tilting or out of place.
Along the way they ask for numerous escalations while their employees stuff bags of cement in their armpits.

This is all to say we are screwed. Caught between foreign thieves and local crooks. Take your pick.
The Masianokeng owner is now suing the Chinese contractor for failing to meet a deadline.

It’s his right but he comes across as an opportunist. The contractor stopped work because of the lockdown.
His real gripe should be with the structural integrity of the building.
The flying roof has already given him a hint.
If he hires a good engineer, he will find calamitous faults for which he can punish the contractor.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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