The government hates competition

The government hates competition

Muckraker chuckled when she heard Finance Minister Thabo Sophonea complaining bitterly about the civil servants looting the old age pension scheme. You could hear a man defeated by the fantastic thievery at the office. When he tried to yank their calloused fingers from the cookie jar, some civil servants told him a painful truth.

They said he found them there when he was appointed and will leave them there when he becomes a common Mosotho man perambulating the streets. That must have hit his raw nerve because it is true. A government job lasts longer than many things. MPs keep their bags packed, ready to vamoose if the Prime Minister wakes up on the wrong side of the bed.
As Muckraker writes these some of the thieves have put witches on a hefty retainer to bewitch him. Others have reported him to their Papas who are now hard at prayer to get the minister fired.

The Papas have to pray because they benefit from the loot. They call it a blessing from the congregants. None will ask where tithes come from.
So, the minister must be careful because his name is being mentioned in both prayer and rituals. Goats have probably died in his name.

That’s the price he will pay for interfering with those eating from the government. What surprises Muckraker is that the minister is only complaining about the thieving civil servants but is silent about the allowances for MPs. That is to be expected. The lesson is clear: don’t steal from the government because politicians hate competition.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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