The illogical logic of the police

The illogical logic of the police

Motebang walks into the Mabote police station and reports that his neighbour, Teboho, has matekoane in his yard. He tells the police that the matekoane will be hard to find because it’s hidden in thick bushes around Teboho’s house.

The Mabote police speed to Teboho’s house, jump over the fence and start cutting through the thick bush choking his house.
After hours of furious cutting but not finding any matekoane, they retreat to their stations. They had cleared Teboho’s yard.

The next day, Motebang sends Teboho an invoice of M1000 for cleaning his yard. Teboho happily pays because two days earlier he had hired Motebang to do exactly that. Three days later the police arrested Teboho.
He was accused of five crimes. The first was that he allowed them to search his yard for matekoane when he knew that he didn’t have any.

Second, he didn’t tell them that he didn’t have matekoane before they started cutting the bushes around his house.
Third, he had hired Motebang to clear the yard when he knew well that he would trick the police to do the job for no pay.

Fourth, Teboho had been talking to Motebang over the phone but was claiming he didn’t know where he was.
Fifth, Teboho had participated in a scam to turn the police into slaves.
That’s an outrageous story, right? Well, it’s not far-fetched.

Last week a 357 FM reporter called Constable Motlatsi Mofokeng, the Leposa spokesperson that the police says it has fired and had skipped the country to avoid some charges. True to form, Mofokeng stung the police management.

Days later the police arrest the reporter and allegedly torture him. His crime, he said they alleged, was that he refused to tell them where Mofokeng was.

He should have told them to search his pocket for Mofokeng.
In their logic, the reporter should know where Mofokeng is hiding because he spoke to him over the phone. You got that right. Just because you call someone means you know where they are.

This week, the commissioner warned journalists against talking to Mofokeng because the police have fired him.
The logic here is that journalists should not speak to a fired officer. This, by extension, implies that Commissioner Molibeli has the power to tell journalists what to do. Even editors have no right telling journalists who to talk to.

Yet while the commissioner plays editor-in-chief of the Lesotho media, some police officers are busy stealing guns and selling them to famo gangsters.
People are being murdered and raped. Government officials are stealing state funds hand over fist. There are hundreds of unsolved murders, including some committed by the police. And where is the commissioner?
Well, he is telling journalists to stop talking to people. Journalists say they won’t listen to him. Muckraker says he can go tell that to a mountain.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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