The rascal from NUL

The rascal from NUL

WHEN it comes to human idiocy nothing much has changed since the last century. There is no limit to human stupidity.

Albert Einstein saw it a long time ago.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe,” he said.

The world is still overflowing with fools. It’s a pity that civilization has insisted on us sharing precious oxygen and water with them.

They might just be the ones aiding global warming with their toxic gases.

We just have to suffer silently hoping one day there will be a Rapture to steal them from us.

But once in a while there comes an extraordinary moron whose vim just stuns you. You are left spinning as you wonder if the world still makes fools this special.

In the Roma valley lives a little scoundrel called Thato Ponya, a foulmouthed student leader who sometimes forgets to take his daily dosage of those little white things.

Ponya is a vintage fool we must all seek to add to our collection for posterity.

There will come a time when we will auction such ilk for good money. Remember future generations will need a specimen of what we, their forefathers, had to tolerate.

How the students at the National University of Lesotho (NUL) would have such a boob for a leader is mindboggling.

You can ponder it until pigs learn the mokhibo dance. The joke is on the people he leads and not himself.

That Ponya is an unmitigated nincompoop has never been in dispute. That debate was settled eons ago. What has been unclear is how far he can sink down a gutter and wallow in it like a piglet in its own manure.

Eureka!  Ponya solved that puzzle for us a few days ago when he went berserk on Facebook.

Until then Muckraker had been praying and fasting for his redemption. But after that vile post she will now gallop to the nearest confessional, hands over head.

“Father, forgive me for I have failed the human race,” she will say.

“How so my daughter?” the father will retort in a sombre voice.

“I was naïve to think Ponya can be saved from himself. I wasted prayers on him when there are so many fools who needed them,” Muckraker will say.

“Worry not my daughter for you are not alone in your sorrow. Ponya is a special case. Even I have washed off my hands,” the father will say as tears well down his cheeks.

A few days ago Muckraker was perambulating Facebook when she stumbled upon Ponya’s attack on Nthakoana Ngatane, a decent journalist who recently skipped the country after some political zealots threatened her with grievous bodily harm or something worse.

Ngatane had barely caught her breath when Ponya unleashed his poison on her.

“Selimo Thabane I want you to do a favour to this woman they call Nthakoana Ngatane, solicit sex from her and if she refuses, rape her, I will help you,” he said.

“It seems she wants to have sex. She is lying (because) what drove her from the country is that she wants to share a pillow with Ralebetlela wherever he is. Yes we don’t want that woman in this country if she think (sic) she can mislead the world when she is actually chasing Ralebetlela’s d*** wherever it is.”

And just to make sure there is no case of mistaken identity he added: “I am the one saying this”.

Muckraker was momentarily dazzled after reading that missive. It was a plea to another man to commit a heinous crime of rape. An offer to assist in the crime.

To Ponya it was not enough that Nthakoana was down. She just had to be bludgeoned with a male organ and Ponya wasn’t going to standby as that happened. He wanted to partake.

Yet even that was not going to be enough because according to Ponya, Nthakoana also deserved to be pelted with rabid insults and scurrilous allegations.

His point was not just that Nthakoana had manufactured the threats against her but that she was also pursuing sexual pleasures.

Yours will be a heart of stone if that Ponya’s post doesn’t move some veins in your heart. But the writer himself must have a heart of iron to sustain that vicious attack using such gory imageries.

Ponya was just about to bumjive over his post when Matlosa tried to grab his ears. He told the rascal to behave himself.

But by this time Ponya was way down the gutter.

He fired back with another post attempting to justify his initial mischief.

“A man or a woman can rape another. Why did you decide to use the last one? Isn’t it because you are not clean in the ears?”

These, by the way, were not the words of a man trying to untangle himself from the web of his own words.  He was unrepentant in his terrible ways and undeterred by the loud echo of his words. Unmoved by calls to slow down on his insolence.

He was parading his tomfoolery for all to see.

Muckraker knew this was not going to end well. And indeed, a few days later the boy was scrambling down his high horse and gobbling a humble pie.

It is not clear who dragged him back to his senses, kicking and screaming.

Yet even in his moment of ‘humility’ you could see this is a man who does not appreciate the damage of his words. The apology sounded insincere.

In it he dragged the ABC as if the party had been injured by his initial post. Suddenly Ponya was telling us that he is an ABC member but he had made the attacks in his personal capacity.

But we knew that already. No one has ever alleged that he was speaking for the ABC. This was Ponya speaking for Ponya. It was Ponya at his garrulous best. This is not something he can blame on youthful exuberance.

A lawyer would say: He is an adult male Mosotho still attempting to have his mind panel beaten at NUL.

Muckraker has never thought that tertiary education should refine a person.

Many have been to NUL but still remain raw. Still it is not unreasonable to expect that there must be some semblance of order in the head when you spend years listening to professors and hobnobbing with educated people.

You will be ungrateful to remain uncouth after this poor government spends tens of thousands of maloti to smoothen your rough edges with some education.

Its gulling that thus far and tens of thousands of maloti later Ponya remains a rascal.

We already have a crisis with rape in Lesotho. The last thing we need is some college prefect running his unclean mouth about it.

Muckraker is aware that Ponya likes to brawl so she will end this one with a frank challenge.

Listen careful Imby (shortcut for imbecile) put your bums down before Muckraker takes you to the cleaners.

She is a thug. If that gets your goat please name the place and time for a meeting.

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