The real hole in a condom

The real hole in a condom

There is no doubt that Joang Molapo deserves spanking for his Twitter rant about the AstraZeneca vaccine.
But before unleashing the sjambok Muckraker thought it would be good to counsel the chief of Ha-’Mathata.

It is his problem if the name of his village says something about his brain. Sometimes no amount of counselling will soften a hard head, even that of a chief.
Yet we can still try so that we are not accused of standing akimbo while a beloved chief walks naked at a market. For a start, Joang is advised to learn to use appropriate analogies.

Anyone who compares a vaccine tested and approved by scientists to a torn condom has a hard head.
Either that or their foot-in-mouth is at an advanced stage.
Back in Ha-’Mathata such people are excluded from serious discussions. You send them to reprimand boys herding goats grazing on reserved pastures. They feel useful when they are being sent to deal with their equals.
You don’t give a damn if they spend the whole day playing morabaraba in the veld as long as you can discuss serious matters without their silly ideas.

For a man who claims to be an engineer, Joang speaks like someone who has never set foot in a primary school science class. He horribly misses the point of the Covid-19 vaccines.
Using his hlooho e thata, he concocted a misconception that even donkeys are incapable of making.
This is despite scientists repeatedly telling us that the vaccines are meant to reduce severe infections which tend to cause death, overwhelm the health systems and ground economies to a halt.

He is also oblivious to the fact that a vaccine is not a silver bullet. You can still get infected with Covid-19 even after inoculation. The idea however is to train your immune system to effectively fight the disease so that you are not seriously ill. Nearly everyone in Lesotho had a TB vaccination but it is a top killer in Lesotho.

Many still get the flu despite vaccination. The trouble here is that Joang knows zilch about how vaccines work. At this moment and in these times, the big problem with Covid-19 is not that it is infecting people but that it is making people seriously ill and killing many. Which is why the vaccine matters.

It therefore follows that even if the vaccine gives you 40 percent protection it remains useful for the purpose of reducing deaths and severe infections in the population.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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