The real rascals

The real rascals

Some 20 students at Mphaki High School went on a rampage, beating teachers and torching property. The school authorities suspect the scoundrels were high on matekoane. Muckraker is not shocked.
The student of today is a spoiled brat. They lack a beating.
It is predictable that sooner rather than later some ministers will condemn the students’ actions. Which will not be bad as long as it’s not steeped in the usual hypocrisy that afflicts our politicians. Granted, the students were wrong.

But they are not the only rascals in this country.
There are many in the government. Tšolo is a vandal because he signed a dubious contract that is now threatening to ruin the country’s finances.
Remember the ministers who vandalised the wool and mohair sector to appease a Chinese charlatan.
Successive governments have vandalised the economy and stolen our dreams as a nation. The youths are jobless because the government has no clue about creating an enabling environment for the private sector to thrive.

Politicians are forever seeking ways to topple each other in the name of democracy.
When we condemn the youths, we should accept that they are still young and therefore redeemable.
The same cannot be said for bearded and breasted rascals perambulating the corridors of power.

As Muckraker writes this, some ministers are scheming for ways to line their pockets with state money, a civil servant is itching to rig a tender and some politicians are having nocturnal meetings to upend the government.
The youths are therefore learning from the elders. If they lack vision, it’s because the adults don’t have any to impart to them. It’s the adults who have made this country the mess it has become.

This is why Muckraker wholeheartedly supports the Concerned Youth People in their fight against the MPs’ allowances. The name could do with a little dose of creativity though but their cause is just.
From next week Muckraker will be sending a letter of protest to the Speaker every week.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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