The real witches of our time

The real witches of our time

IF you report an ongoing robbery the police will arrive when the thieves have emptied your house and vamoosed. And that is if they come on the same day. Often, they want you to go to them so they can ask silly questions about who you suspect, whether your door was locked and how many children you have.

Call them about an ongoing attack on your family and they will come the next day to take a statement in mutilated English.
“The family was sliping in piece when they had noysi of out side. Door was braking. There was fun sound. Dog was backing loud. Thieves stealed TVs and phones. Suspects still running.”

Tell them your house is on fire and they will say they don’t have water. At one fire incident they arrived with basekomos full of water.
There are two reports that make the police jump into action.
The first is when you tell them that you have killed the robbers. They gallop to your house, like Tobaka, with the murder charge already drafted.
The second is when they get even a whiff of a protest brewing against the government. They will be there in a flash, armed to the teeth, ready to crack heads and break bones. Inflicting wounds and letting out blood is their core business.

They mourn about lack of resources to fight crime but for some reason will get enough petrol to come to protests. Rubber bullets, truncheons and teargas canisters will always be found. This behaviour amounts to witchcraft of the highest order.
Forget the bone-throwing ngakas. Never mind the mystic powers they allege to possess. Or the thokolosi they say they can unleash on your enemies. Most are just fraudsters on the prowl, preying on both the desperate and the naïve.

Real and potent witchcraft is often simple and straightforward. And it happens in broad daylight. The shooting of the youths during the protests last week was witchery committed right in the city centre (read that as village centre) for all to see.

The sibyls were wearing blue uniforms, brandishing guns and looked thoroughly pleased with their nefarious deeds. Their headmaster, that is to say the chief witch, is the one who ordered them to shoot innocent youths for merely trying to tell the government that it has defecated on them for too long.

The youths were asking for jobs but they got clobbered.
If the government can put half the effort it expended on spanking those kids on finding ways to help them out of their crushing poverty this country will be light years ahead.
Surely the cost of the rubber bullets fired on the protesters is enough to get some stock for a small spaza shop for one or two

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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