The season of shameless lies

The season of shameless lies

THE dung is hitting the fan and splattering all over. Our government has delivered a stinking bomb and is unfazed by the people’s disgust and anguish. The rickety government is creaking on as if the disaster they have unleashed on this country is just a storm in a teacup.
Two weeks after the seizure of Lesotho’s assets started, the government is still investigating how it happened. A culprit investigating himself.

Mr Softie still has the puzzled face he wore when he was told Lesotho was being forced to pay M855 million to a company that delivered zilch. In the meantime, they have gone on voicemail.
Silent like a man whose beard is being shaved. Yet you can be sure they are cooking up something.
When the government is mum for a few days you know it’s about to bungle again, spin some tosh or make some inane announcement in which it takes undue credit.

In a few days, they will call a press conference to announce that they are challenging the seizure.
They will thump their chest while claiming to be “fighting for our country”.
That is how they have always done it. They create a mess and then expect to be praised for cleaning their mess.
Like an overpraised and spoiled brat, they want credit for solving problems they created.

That explains why the government is always trying to get coverage when it’s donating morsels to poor people.
Such is the kind of delinquency we have come to expect. The political spin that has abused our ears.
This time it will be worse because we are in the middle of a mad election campaign.

Parties that were in the government when Tšolo sprayed us with his manure will deny culpability.
The ABC will throw Tšolo under the bus. The AD will say it didn’t know that the ABC was gambling with our national assets because it’s a party that has mastered the art of selective amnesia.
The RCL will say “it wasn’t us” for it’s a party that has never had any responsibility. The BNP will predictably remind us of the “good old days of Leabua” because it’s a party that is still stuck in the 1970’s.
The DC will say this mess happened before they were in government but they are working to clean it up.

The BAP will burp something about the scandal vindicating their decision to jump ship.
The LCD will cling on to this as evidence that they were correct in bellowing for a government of national unity (GNU). They have sung that GNU discord for as long as they have been out of power.
The MEC will continue to play the nice guys.
Did someone say something about the PFD, MFP, BCP, NIP and other little hovels?

Muckraker has neither the grey matter nor the ink to waste on such political jokes. The point, though, is that every party is in a stampede to clean itself of the mess or making political hay out of it. All of which will not solve the problem at hand.
Our politicians are brazenly misdirected like that. There is no common cause or collective responsibility in the corridors. Real national issues are irritants getting in the way of bungling and looting.
They are busy pushing the frontiers of mediocrity.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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