The  shameful gift

The shameful gift

Muckraker is giving away a bottle of wine to anyone who can decode what Sekola was mumbling when he was speaking at one of the most embarrassing handover ceremonies in the history of this country.
Perhaps the shame of the event stole his ability to read and speak.

The occasion was the handover of a trailer to the police. You read that right. A whole Minister and a full-blown Police Commissioner left their offices to receive a trailer donated by some South Korean professor who said it was meant to help the police deliver donations to the needy.
It was an elaborate shindig, with long speeches, choreographed handshakes and group photos. You could see the Minister’s beaming smile through the mask as he took delivery of the scotch cart.

Commissioner Molibeli could not hide his excitement. A mischievous rumour peddled by some Leposa rascals says Commissioner Molibeli even shed a few tears of joy (repeat that at your own peril; Muckraker has immunity).
He called the trailer a “tremendous” gift. Muckraker is not sure if the commissioner used the word ‘tremendous’ for ‘meaning’ or ‘sound’. ‘Tremendous’ means very great in amount or level. Which is not how you describe a mere trailer unless it has the ability to source, package and deliver the donations on its own.

For that kind of celebration and description, the trailer has to deliver police officers to a crime scene, write a charge sheet and take fingerprints.
The police could have bought that small trailer from its petty cash. The welders at Bedco would have donated a few if the police were not the loathed lot they are.
The Commissioner could have asked the police to pay tithes from their bribes on the streets.

Even the garrulous and unruly Leposa would have chipped in with a few coins.
The police boss and the minister certainly didn’t need a South Korean professor to drag them to an embarrassing charade that exposed his minister’s ability to read coherently. Thanks to that trailer, we now know that the minister desperately needs some basic speech-reading training.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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