The state house of thugs

The state house of thugs

BOOM! Another scandal of the former tenants of the State House has been exposed.
This time it is reported that the Feselady teamed up with her battalion of leeches (some say friends) to whip a young man whose only ‘crime’ was to mistakenly call Uncle Tom’s number.

For that innocent mistake he was brutally whipped with sjamboks and sticks until he bled.
And when he tried to report the assault the Feselady and her hubby used a senior police officer to silence him with a M5 000 bribe.
You cannot make up such weird things.

Imagine those yellow limbs unleashing a stick on the poor boy as he writhed in pain.
You can be sure that she was screaming her lungs out as she pummelled the young man.

Missing from this whole drama is the question why the Feselady could lose her head over a simple call from a young man. The answer is that the woman is just unhinged. Absolutely anything could set her off.
What is clear is that the Feselady has now entered the hall of infamy for some of the most notorious First Ladies in the world.

She has earned the dubious distinction of being the most garrulous, vile and violent First Lady.
The lesson in all this is that power and money can’t get you class.
A frog remains a frog no matter how much lipstick you smear on it.
Muckraker doubts that even a younger Uncle Tom would have managed to defang her.

In the next few months we will hear more bizarre stories about what transpired when the Feselady was in charge of the biggest house in the country. As for now you can be sure that even the rats and cockroaches at that house are relieved that the singing couple has been evicted.

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