The story of evil

The story of evil

THE following story is dead serious. Read it slowly for it is written for you. Yeah, you!
It’s a tale told to Muckraker by her grandmother in Mafube after one neighbour had done something evil to his cousin.

One day a Man of Miracles landed in a Maseru village and called a pitso. The Man was there to grant everyone their heart’s desire: one wish per person. The only catch was that for every wish a person was granted their neighbour would get double.

So, if you asked for 1 000 cows the Man will give you but your neighbour would get 2000 cows. You want a house? Well, you can get that but your neighbour gets two houses. It was obviously a good deal but none of the people took it.
There was anger instead of jubilation. The reason: none wanted their neighbour to get double what they requested. A brouhaha ensued as the people tried to negotiate the terms of the deal.

“Why don’t you say my neighbour gets half of what you give me?” asked one lady.
“What work has my silly neighbour done to deserve such reward?” asked one angry man.
“Over my dead body!” declared a young man shaking with anger.
“I would rather die than tell you my wish,” said a young woman who should have asked for a better-shaped nose or some flesh on her behind.

The debate continued through the day until an old man rose to speak.
“We are wasting our time here. The Man of Miracles didn’t say we must wish for good things only. Even bad things are fine,” he said.
Those words instantly triggered a stampede towards the Man of Miracles.
One man quickly asked for the Man of Miracles to remove one of his eyes.
His wish was granted and his neighbour lost all his eyes.

There was pandemonium as people demanded to say their wishes. People were asking for their legs, arms, buttocks and fingers to be cut off.
It was tit-for-tat as neighbours fought back with their own equally evil wishes.

When it was all done many people in the village had no ears, legs, arms, eyes or buttocks. Some were homeless after their neighbours asked for their houses to be burnt so they could lose their two homes.
By the time the Man of Miracles left there was sorrow in the village.
Muckraker is sure many can relate to this story.
It defines how we are a loathsome lot that wishes bad things on our neighbours.

Muckraker was reminded of that story when she was told of how Nacosec employees have waited for months to get paid because someone somewhere is just enjoying their misery. Just for kicks.

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