The ugliest town in Lesotho

The ugliest town in Lesotho

Muckraker has never cared much about insults. She has been called a foul-mouthed rural girl. They were right and duly thanked for the compliment.
The innovative ones have described her as a sex-starved spinster. They were wrong because Muckraker is satiated. The only insult that will tear Muckraker’s heart is if you say she is as ugly as Maputsoe.

Now that will get her tucking her dress into her undies and bouncing like Ali. That is because Maputsoe is truly an ugly thing. It’s the shabbiest town in Lesotho.
It would be a lie to call Maputsoe the armpit of Lesotho. It is worse than that. Anyone who insists on calling Maputsoe a city will be high on something illegal.

It’s a dirty one-street village. The border post is a little hovel that stinks.
It’s as if while other towns employ people to clean their streets Maputsoe hires a battalion to dump trash on its streets. Nothing in Maputsoe appears planned.
You can just plonk your house in the middle of the road and the DA will officially open it.

It greets you with factories and bids you farewell with factories. If you try to enter the town centre the traffic will trap you for hours. Then when you get to the border you will meet some rude evil servants who behave like they are being forced to work.
Along the way, some potholes look like they have been deliberately planted for design.
In Maputsoe the potholes are the roundabouts.

No one runs the place. It just functions in its own chaotic way.
Some will argue that Mafeteng is equally shabby. They are right but there are some subtle differences.
First, the people of Mafeteng spend most of their time making molumo.
Second, when you live in a town where people are bludgeoning each other there is no time to worry about cleaning the streets.

Third, the accordion is so sweet that you can forget about keeping your surroundings tidy. So, Mafeteng has justified excuses for being an eyesore.
What is Maputsoe’s excuse?
They live in relative peace and they are not known for any particular craft. Their fields are rarely planted.
The only explanation is that they have convinced themselves that Maputsoe is not a town but a village. Their town is Ficksburg.

When they say they are going to town they are talking about Ficksburg.
Every day they cross the border to go watch the traffic lights and street lights in Ficksburg. They come back to Maputsoe holding packets of groceries and walking with a spring in their step.

Two weeks ago Muckracker went after Sister Tšepang Tšita-Mosena. It turned out that the criticism was based on a misinterpretation of what she had said.
With hindsight, Muckraker realises that she went overboard. She therefore would like to sincerely apologise to the sister.
The idea was never to pull her down but to point out what she saw as mistakes in a jocular way. Muckraker wishes to withdraw the criticism and apologise once again.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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