Unpoliced mouths

Unpoliced mouths

Muckraker has never had much respect for Leposa.
Apart from being blabbermouths, they are scatter-brained.
They have a way of mixing up issues to create a goulash unpalatable even to their most ardent supporters.

In one letter they will demand uniforms, offices, allowances, six percent salary increase, promotions and the commissioner’s resignation. And they will be writing to the same commissioner they want out.
If they don’t get any joy, they start dubious comparisons.
Soldiers got their salary increases. Civil servants’ salaries were reviewed. Soldiers are getting new uniforms.

If that fails, as it always does, they go back to their “commissioner-must-go” gobbledygook.
Never mind that it’s a tried and tested non-starter.
Their last throw of the dice is to threaten a “massive strike” which even Mosisili’s camels know is just a pathetic threat.
You know they have finished their tenth lap around a circle to nowhere when they bring out that rubber snake from their knee pocket.

They come up with all these silly tricks because their leadership is not gifted in the art of negotiation and persuasion. Remember these are the same people who think torture is the best instrument with which to mine confessions out of suspects. They think they can beat evidence out of suspects.

Once it’s clear they have reached the inevitable dead-end they will hold their tongues for a few months until someone asks what the leadership is doing about their age-old grievances.
They will open their big book of gripes, close their eyes and drop a pin on one of the pages.

Wherever the pin lands will be the subject of their next round of moaning.
This week, the pin landed on something called “Covid vaccine for police”.
This time they didn’t write to their boss with a hodgepodge of complaints.
They went straight for stage two of their strategy: compare unrelated issues and hope the bosses will decipher some sense from their inane logic.
Leposa’s spokesman Constable Motlatsi Mofokeng said: “It is unfair that journalists have been vaccinated but the police have not”.

“It is not that we underrate journalists. We respect them but we say it is unfair that journalists have received the second round of the vaccine but the police have been pushed to the periphery,” Mofokeng added.
Muckraker will bet her nails and eyebrows that Mofokeng did not use the word ‘periphery’ because that can never be within the reach of his limited vocabulary.

Kudos to the journalist for infusing some class during the translation. Mofokeng must be shocked that he is alleged to have said ‘periphery’.
He probably said “out”, “outside”, “left behind” or “forgotten”.
The point however is that Leposa should fight their own battles.
The media doesn’t bother them when they are munching their bribes.
Journalists might be a vile lot but they do a decent job of keeping us informed.

You can have qualms with the quality but often you can dig through the morass for some meaning.
The police, on the other hand, don’t do much. They need the army’s help to catch goat and chicken thieves. The Koalabata gangs were running rings around them until the army came.
Eish, they cannot even produce police clearances on time.
Even if you have an accident in their headquarters’ yard the police will arrive after four hours, mumbling the same old excuse about lack of cars.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!


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