Vexed by vaccine lies

Vexed by vaccine lies

Here we go again. Some pseudo intellectuals are working overtime to molest the Covid-19 issues with blatant lies. Now that the disease’s potency is apparent even to pigs, they have stopped their silly stories about 5G and the disease being manufactured somewhere in Asia. Gone are the pathetic stories about Africans being immune to the disease.

The noise about concoctions of ginger and garlic being a cure has disappeared.
Now they have jumped on to another fiction. This time they have assembled a bonfire to discuss the perceived dangers of the vaccine. They say it’s poison from Satan.
They say someone wants to inject poison into African blood streams.
Some Pentecostal zealots have opened the Book of Revelation and pulled some verses to use as scarecrows. It’s 666, they say. By the way, Revelation is the most misunderstood book in the Bible.

Few Christians have read it. Those who have read it have come out confused.
Those who claim to have understood it have only clutched on to a few scary verses.
The point being to spook their congregants with dubious tales about hell. Their eyes tingle as they tell stories about Armageddon. Lies, lies and more lies.

When the verses forsake their mind, they have no shame making up things so they sound knowledgeable.
Dogma is sold as the gospel. Interpretation as facts. Confusion as sophistication. Ignorance as wisdom.
Of course, this is all balderdash peddled through social media.
It is amazing what a fool with a bundle of data can do. People who don’t know the difference between an aorta and iota are now spreading medical knowledge at a market square.

From the comfort of their blissful ignorance, they argue with scientists, pharmacists, epidemiologists and doctors. All because they read a post from a demented uncle, cousin or church elder.
The five minutes they spent on Google suddenly makes them experts.
The hostility to the vaccine is particularly unnerving for two reasons. The first is that it is not based on any scientific explanation. The second is that it is not steeped in common sense.

The same people who got vaccinated for polio, chickenpox and other killer diseases are now screaming at a Covid-19 vaccine.
We are now told that the West wants to wipe out Africans. It will be laughable were it not tragic.

They don’t need a vaccine to do that. They could have done it with the other vaccines you give to your children. They could have done it to you when you were still a pregnancy.
They could have put it in the weaves you fasten to your dull head.
The clothes you wear and the cars you use. The phones you use to spew the nonsense.

People from hovels of countries that cannot even make toothpicks are afraid of vaccines made by countries that make everything they have in their houses and put into their bodies.
You cannot make this up. You shriek about a vaccine but drink from a Tupperware container made in a country you have never visited.

Just zip it. As you unleash those silly posts, your tummy is brimming with foreign made beer.
You look like a ghost because of imported make-up you could not properly apply to cover the mountains and trenches on your face.

Next time you feel like railing against the vaccine, check out the colourful things on your fingers. Those things you call nails are imported. Now take a deep breath, drink a glass of water and shut up.

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