What beer has done to our country

What beer has done to our country

IF you ululate for a moron misbehaving at a funeral you should not be shocked when he molests the corpse. There was a time when the government was farting on us. We would hold our noses and curse but console ourselves that at least they were doing it at a distance and we will kick them out via the ballot.

But soon the government was emboldened by our silent disgust.
They closed the window, locked the doors and gassed us with some thunderous farts that nearly suffocated us.
Yet still we hoped they would come back to their senses and retrieve their manners from their armpits.

Today Muckraker announces that our hope and patience were all in vain.
The government has now defecated on us and we are swimming in its manure.
Ours is now a cesspool of a country. Together with the maggots that come with it.

Muckraker is referring to the recent news that Lesotho’s international assets are being seized after the government botched a solar contract. The chap who signed that ill-fated but stinking contract is Temeki Tšolo, the former Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office.
He had no business either negotiating or signing that contract.

Tšolo is now perambulating the streets of Maseru while claiming that he never signed that contract. Holy dung!
He is suddenly an expert on how government contracts are signed.
His denials are noted but Muckraker is not buying such tosh.
His denials are coming too late when Lesotho’s assets are already being confiscated.

As you read this, Frazer Solar has seized control of Lesotho’s water royalties, income and shares.
More assets will be impounded to settle Frazer’s M855 million claim.
Meanwhile, Tšolo is bellowing on radio that he didn’t sign the contract.
Muckraker doesn’t believe a word coming out of his mouth.
He is a politician and politicians are talented liars.

Muckraker will apologise, strip naked and walk the streets if it turns out that his signature was forged and he had nothing to do with the mess.
What has been told to the arbitrator and courts in three different countries is that he signed.
He had a lot of time and chances to disown that signature.

He has known for the past three years that a contract he is alleged to have signed has triggered a legal fracas. Muckraker is not surprised that Tšolo did not respond to the cases and is now denying any involvement in the contract. He could be right.
Remember this is the same man who once got in trouble for assaulting a government official after he had imbibed way more than his mind and body could process. He once threw a tantrum in parliament.
He is excitable like that.

His passion for the bottle is well documented. Even Uncle Tom, the man who insisted on shoving him into office despite his perennial thirst, knows about it.
He might have signed the contract under the influence of something potent.

Let’s not forget that this was a time when the Feselady was spanking ministers and Uncle Tom was dozing off in office. Maybe Tšolo was stressed by having to work with a cheeky Feselady while her hubby was snoozing. Whatever happened, Lesotho has been screwed.
Whether he signed the contract stoned, stressed or sober is no longer important.

The point is that his signature is now costing the country M855 million.
One lawyer told a local radio station that the fiasco is a result of appointing herd boys to be ministers. He was right but should have added that the real problem is that of appointing drunk herd boys to be ministers.
This is also a wake-up call to all those misdirected souls who suffer under the illusion that a minister doesn’t have to be educated. If you think education is expensive, look at how ignorance has cost this country almost a billion.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!


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