When Joang engineered ignorance

When Joang engineered ignorance

As an engineer Joang Molapo would know that 40 percent is higher than zero percent. This is the real issue with the AstraZeneca vaccine he is dismissing as a condom with a hole.

But he can avoid bothering his hard head with such sophisticated arithmetic if he learns to stick to matters within his knowledge.
That is precisely what one Motšelisi Mokone told him on Twitter after his foot-in-mouth bout.

“Which variant do we have in Lesotho? When did you become a scientist to tell that the vaccine doesn’t offer any protection? Stick to your lane this is science not English literature,” Mokone retorted with what was a thundering clap that left the chief dizzy.

But given his FIM-20, Joang is likely to continue spewing nonsense. No condom will protect us from his ignorance. A vaccine will not work either. Impressionable minds have already gobbled his bunkum.
Joang has moved on to other subjects instead of getting his foot-in-mouth treated.

Yet if we cannot find our hearts to forgive Joang we could at least pity him.
He doesn’t have the street smarts to realise when he is off tangent.
No wonder Machesetsa walloped him when they contested for the BNP deputy leadership. While he was speaking gibberish through the nose, Machesetsa was campaigning.

Joang also lacks the ‘sophistication’ of a Machabeng graduate. He missed the lesson about the importance of research. The lesson here is that an English accent is not a measure of intelligence.
Just because you can speak through the nose doesn’t mean you speak sense.

Now, someone pass Muckraker that phafa. It’s time to unleash it on his privileged bones as he bellows across the veld. The mission is to soften the head from Ha-‘Mathata.

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